Communications Garble - PixHawk / RPI

Could someone explain why I am having garbled communications from Pixhawk to RPI ?.. (SEE IMAGE)

What do I need to adjust to stop the garble?

See: Mavproxy issue! non-readable message after connexion

Try to set the serial at 115k and start mavproxy with same --baudrate 115200

I read the info that Stephen sent … made some adjustments to PixHawk via MP and mavproxy code …
ALL IS WELL Now . perfect! giving me data as required … and no garble

sudo -s --master=/dev/ttyS0 --baudrate 111100 --aircraft MyCopter

Now for the next step in this chapter of hooking up my RPI with a 256gb Solid State Harddrive (SSHD)…

hello sir, where I should enter the --cmd command to stop the unwanted messages?

Enter it as an argument when starting MAVProxy, ie: --master=/dev/ttyS0 --baudrate 115200 --aircraft MyCopter --cmd="set shownoise 0"
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Thank you so much sir, it is working now .
One doubt regarding pixhawk setup
I have done firmware update and all necessary calibration, but still iam getting errors like bad logging and bad gyro
Is there any way to figure out these errors.
Thanks and regards
Javad ali