Mauch PDB 031 - Battery Monitor settings

Hi all,

we use a Mauch 031 Power Distribution Board to distribute power to our hexa with the Cube orange - Arducopter system.

This PDB has an embedded battery sensor (actually, according to the manufacturer, it has two sensors, one per battery in parallel) and to set in properly in Mission Planner, we could use the paper delivered by Mauch with the calibration settings as measured at their factory.

The problem is that using that indications, the telemetry does not show the correct voltage, as well as amperage.

I attach some images as reference. Please note that we use two Tattu 22000 mAh 6S in parallel.

Is there anyone with experience with this PDB? We already tried to contact the manufacturer (as well as our US reseller) but Mauch didn’t answer. This is a big downside of this very good hardware.

That voltage is like you are using the two 6S batteries in series instead of parallel.
Have you got a photo or diagram of how you connected the batteries together?

The PDB is this one:

More details here, even if this page reports reference to the previous version of the PDB:

In short, it has two couples of black/red 10 AWG wires to connect two batteries.

The system is working at 6S, everything is for 6S, so it’s impossible to receive 12S.

I can’t understand why there is no assistance from the manufacturer…

did you find a solution on this man? i would like to buy but this post made me reconsider