Math model of the plane

Hello! Please advice - where in scource code of Ardupilot I can find the math model of the plane? Thank you.

perhaps you’re looking for libraries/SITL/SIM_Plane.cpp
That is a simple model used for testing purposes.

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Thank you, Mark! Maybe you know - what exactly model is used for the flight? For example, how PID autotune is working etc? Thank you again!

PID control loops aren’t model-based. There’s a good description of tuning techniques on wikipedia:
and the ArduPilot wiki section for Plane is here:

The autotuning C code for Plane is here: libraries/APM_Control/AP_AutoTune.cpp and there are also some tuning scripts in LUA which might be of interest to you.

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Hey, Mark! Your responses were very helpful. Dont know how to do it properly, but maybe you can recommend something on another question? How to control the UAV in stabilize mode