Manual PID tuning vs Autotune, Which is better?


This page says manual tune is for the vehicle that can’t be tuned by autotune.

but I wonder whether if experts do manual tune by themselves after autotune.

there is many aircraft setup and autotune does not change position PID, so I wonder experts changes position PID, for well-controlling vehicles.


I looked throught this page, but It says P term is same with I term, but some of multicopters have smaller I terms than P terms.

is there any detailed documentation of the tuning process of I terms?


and there is no need for tuning at acro mode? the page only says about tuning in the stabilize mode. is acro mod PID same for small~big copters?


I guess Stabilize Roll, Pitch, Yaw in “Extended tuning” page is for the conversion of transmitter value to Rate controller.

is that right?

I read through this page,

but couldn’t figure out each PID value’s purpose explanation.


I made my own assumptions about the differences between Rate, Angle, and Acceleration but couldn’t find detailed documentation explaining these aspects. If possible, could anyone guide me to a more comprehensive explanation or provide further details on these parameters?

It will be better to have detailed documentation of this parameter’s relations

Read How to methodically tune (almost) any multicopter using ArduCopter 4.4.x section 11 and above including all the linked pages. There are answers in there to most of your questions.

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