Maintaining flight when a quadcopter motor fails

Is possible to add this function to arducopter @rmackay9 to save a cuad if a motor fails?

The video you are sharing, is made using plenty of cameras and computers that control it externally.
I would also think it’s hard to achieve sufficient yaw rate fast enough for any meaningful (with payload) copter.

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Thanks Andre-K I just curious if that possible or fake.

This technique has been developed a few years ago by ETH ZURICH

YES I could be implemented as you can read

_ The failsafe controller uses only hardware that is readily available on a standard quadrocopter, and could thus be implemented as an algorithmic-only upgrade to existing systems.

I think this technique is under a patent as you can read here that the technology has been spun


I knew I read about it before

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Nice, I suppose too but couldnt find, thank for search and share.

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Arducopter can do all rotating bodys with my code for monocopters,

Could be done for copters also, but still quite a big task, I think the harder bit is done tho. Just have to write some new motor mixers for a all rotating three prop quadcopter, the tricky bit is deciding when to switch into this mode and which motor is failed. Copter can already detect thrust loss but i’m not sure if it would be fast enough. If your already tumbling as a quad due to motor loss it is probably too late to recover in this mode, you would need to catch it before it gets too bad.

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Here is a presentation from the man behind the equations i think @Leonardthall could be interested :wink:

Robotics Seminar: Mark Mueller: Multicopter Dynamics and Control


I am sorry to disappoint but this is one of those things that I won’t be attempting to implement.

There are two main reasons. The first is I have no idea of the implications of the patent and the second is I don’t believe the utility of the feature is significant enough to justify the risk of false positives, the code maintenance or the effort to implement it.

Thanks Leonard: the best way to protect our copters still looks to always preflight checks, good components and good mantainance periodic services :slight_smile: , We have a nice code here :slight_smile: Thanks for all your essford


You never disapoint us Leonard :wink:
Just talking here, implementing this into a generic quad would require getting all the vehicle profile to be knowned and not allowing acro mode , as the systems only watch for suddent attitude change (reacts within 65 mSec).

I must admit that the use case of this technology patent is really well applied into ''show drones ‘’ aka verity studio’s Lucie micro drone.

The most amazing concept in this design is the full redundancy by implementing 2 independents systems (2 propeler system) tied togeter in a quadcopter configuration. Look for demonstration in the video above @ 33:56

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