Magfit and Li-ion pack

Hi all.

Can anyone help me with advice regarding Magfit and LI-ion.
I have calibrated the compass and flown some test flights. The machine flies well and I see no problems but when I check the values ​​in Magfit I get worried.

Regards //YB

How much separation do you have between the battery and compass?

Hi Geofrancis

The separation from top of the li-ion pack to the mid of the GPS is 200mm. The li-ion pack orientation is battery poles to the side.

How big is the machine and battery?

The machine is 850 mm and battery is 6S4P, 14000mAh

what values ​​in Magfit are worrying you? have you done the calibration

Regarding the battery orientation, when i run Magfit tool I can se different result depending the battery pack orientation ?

yes, you can, it changes quite a lot.

Hi amilcarlucas.

what could be the best li-ion orientation relativ the compass ?

You need to test, depends on the battery pack and the compass.

The best battery orientation gives the smallest mean field error if I understand it correctly?


This is the first time I do the compass from the flight log calibration with Magfit and I want to feel sure what I’m doing. I have adjusted the COMPASS_OFS values and am now waiting for the rain to stop. Thanks so much for the help.

Regards //YB