Lua Script Help/Documentation

Hi, I’m looking for tutorials and more info about using Lua scripts in arducopter and I can’t find much. Does anyone have any information on how I can get started?


Hi @LukasMarkussen

I’ve only just started on the documentation side of scripting, I actually sent in the first real PR for adding documentation to the wiki last night, it still hasn’t been reviewed at all, but is available here:

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Check these out:

Good luck.

Thanks! Do you think it would be possible for me to write a Lua script that activates when the vehicle is powered on? I just want it to auto takeoff and then loiter above its takeoff point.

Hi @LukasMarkussen sorry about the delay.

The scripts are automatically started when the vehicle powers on, so that part is quite achievable. However we have not yet exposed manipulation of the vehicles flight mode or mission to scripting, so you can’t currently use it to fly to a given spot as you described above.

Nice work @WickedShell

Did the LUA integration advanced ?