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Long range UAV link 100mw for 60KM was designed and tested

(Greg Covey) #1049

ImmersionRC is a good name and if you are buying in the US, you can get it from ReadyMadeRC. I like the 600mW 5.8GHz video Tx. because you can power it from 2s to 6s and the onboard quiet switching regulator powers 5V cameras.

(Kenny Trussell) #1050

Thanks. I will take a look.

(RickyG) #1051

Readymade is good stuff. It just sucks trying to get it here in Canada. Duties and fee’s are murder.

(caoxueyu) #1052

The main body of the antenna should be kept away from carbon fibers and metals for more than 5 cm. Otherwise, the signal will be discounted.

(caoxueyu) #1053

In fact, communication distance is an interval concept. If I had to give an answer, I would give 0-100km.:joy::joy::joy::joy:
Our longest flight distance is 60 km, and we record videos. In fact, there are signals that the aircraft is powerless. Not everyone has such aircrafts to test. So only Cala tested the 17 km signal with a truck at ground pull distance, thanks to the video Cala recorded. Friends who are interested in distance can test it, of course, with fixed wings.

(Greg Covey) #1054

Ok, thanks, Cao. For my distances, it probably won’t matter but I’ll see if I can find some 3D printed stand-offs for the antennas.


(RickyG) #1055

Greg not sure if this is of any help.
16mm Antenna Mount.stl (81.1 KB)

I made this for one of my rigs


(Greg Covey) #1056


Thanks for the 3D mount. I ended up just running the coax through some nyrod plastic outer tubing and crossing them in an inverted V formation. The assembly can slide along the carbon tube if I need to remove the R12L.

(rollys) #1057

My Skydroid finally came in. The tracking info provided in the Aliexpress site was for someone else’s order. I had been out of town and it arrived while I was gone but was just put in my office without anyone letting me know. In any event, looks like everything’s in good order and have started to install it in an Opterra 2m BNF where I pulled out the Spektrum AR636A to retrofit an mRo Pixhawk 1. Here are some pix of the installation and my thoughts of the M12L so far.

  • I use the PX4 Stack, not ArduPilot so a lot of the functionality within the Skydroid Tower app is unusable to me, i.e. it doesn’t display any RSSI value and the Flight Mode is stuck to Manual. QGC will have to be my primary option but no UVC integration. Hopefully @DonLakeFlyer would figure out the UVC integration.
  • I’m using a Samsung Tab A that’s 514g/18.1oz so try as I might, without overtightening the mounting screws, it won’t hold it at my ideal lean and tilt angles. I will have to find and replace the washers that would have a higher friction to hold it.
  • Even with the gimbal spring tensioner maxed out, the sticks are still too light for me. I’ll live with it for now but hoping to find something stiffer. @SKYDROID maybe you can check with your vendor?
  • As with @Romeo_E wishlist, the ability to mix channels would be a boon. This is more specific to using more than three flight modes through combinations of 3-way switches. I know… I know… it’s not a Tx… I just like to standardize things so whether I’ll be flying with a Taranis or Skydroid system, muscle memory on switch functions and locations are the same.
  • I think that with some slight machining of the backside opening of the tablet holder, the dual antenna UVC receiver would just about go in there. The UVC case is 41mm and the opening is only 40mm.
  • These old hands and arms tire out easily so I fly with a Tx tray on shoulder straps. I’m with @Romeo_E (Post #439), at the very least a neck strap mount is a welcomed feature. I opened the back panel and looks like there might be room on the top corners between the switch and the gimbal assembly to install neck strap mounts for a shoulder strap.


  • To accommodate my current needs, I took an old HobbyKing Wooden Tx tray and rough cut it to fit the Tx. Now I just need to get a couple of neck strap mounts on it and she’ll be fully functional.


  • I was hoping to maiden this tomorrow but looks like the stock EFlite 40A ESC won’t work with an FC. A ZTW 60A ESC won’t arrive until Monday.

Some installation pix. Comments are certainly welcome.



(rollys) #1058

I had this mount printed and boy she’s a bit tight. I think it’s snug enough that you can eliminate the lip you added by the “front door”. I think that would make it slide in easier so both the mount and UVC can be stored in the Tx case separately. It fits really well in the hole.


(Greg Covey) #1059

Hi rollys,

Could you turn the R12L around so that you can extend the antennas away from the electronics?

I have an Opterra 2M wing also with a Pixhawk v2.4.8. Maybe this spring I’ll replace my ULRS setup with my second R12L.


(rollys) #1060

Yes, but I was trying to keep it farther from the VTx. I suppose it was a choice between 2 evils. I was also thinking of running them outside the fuselage, one facing towards a wing and the other on the opposite side pointing aft.


(RickyG) #1061

thanks @rollys
I can make that change.
here ya go

SkyDroid UVC Mount Assembly For Rolly.stl (43.4 KB)

(cala2) #1062

Nice to know but it has so strong signal that for a standard quad that never fly so far you can make mistakes and still have full signal, for that reason Im going to install one rx in my racer to hide antennas and still can fly arround trees I hope. Looks funny :slight_smile:
Its a pitty that we crash a big long endurance flying wing during calibration nice to test this but not with M12L rx yet, human pilot bad landing. :frowning:

(rollys) #1063

You didn’t have to do that! Thank you very much. I really appreciate that. I’ll have it printed and will report back.


(RickyG) #1064

No worries
Glad to help

(Pompe Cukor) #1065

Hi all, just a quick update, so no one else sends PM.
It is sold.
Thank you.

(caoxueyu) #1066

Using Android’s Suspension Window Function
Skydroid FPV Download Address

(MartinKeilloh) #1067

thank you Cao for lovely C N Y present you are amazing in fact brilliant,just now maybe a smaller receiver for my & inch medium range quad and wing “Skydroid the very best”.

Great to see the M12L now having a nice family and enjoyment,

(cala2) #1068

Thanks Cao, nice solution, love products with great support :slight_smile: