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Long range UAV link 100mw for 60KM was designed and tested

(MartinKeilloh) #1029

yes this M12L is the bestest

(Greg Covey) #1030

I think the M12L was designed for autonomous flight, which is why my initial test is on the Tarot 680 Pro. A few button presses and maybe a nudge on the stick may be needed but most of the flight is controlled or viewed on an app. The little white joystick knob makes for a great gimbal control which I will also be using.

That being said, the size, weight, range, and telemetry make it attractive for applications other than autonomous flight so it will be interesting to hear what you experience.

My DJI S900 is currently configured as an Emergency Response Drone with camera, flashing beacon, and First Aid kit deployment. I would love to use the M12L on it but we do not know if it can interface with the DJI telemetry.

(cala2) #1031

I tested with airplane too, to fly manual you have to fly, looks incidences then land and trim with servo trim n, and try again to trim manual flight, for other modes is not nessesary with auto trim, perhaps another way is to fly with autotrim, land and put servo trim at the same position that FBW mode shows you (not tested); this is a non reccomended trick by Cao, this radio is designed for automatic flying but I was curious if it possible :slight_smile:

(Greg Covey) #1032

I got some time to connect my Skydroid receiver on my Tarot 680 Pro, which was simply plug-n-play, and then started playing with the M12L and Bluetooth link to my Samsung Galaxy Tab A.

Initially, the Skydroid Tower app connected automatically and I could tell that it was receiving MavLink messages like the GPS and battery voltage from my Pixhawk v2.4.8. Although I was initially impressed with Tower, it quickly became obvious that it is not well organized for Arducopter parameters and setup. So after a little setup, I got my Bluetooth link connected to QGroundControl. QGC, like Mission Planner, is well organised for Arducopter. Many of the switch mappings were already correct (like all the stick positions) so I simply wrote down a few other switch-to-channel combinations like Switch E is for Flight Modes.

I knew that when I couldn’t arm my hexacopter that I needed to re-calibrate my M12L into the Pixhawk and QGC has a great interface for that! Once calibrated, I could arm my copter and spin the motors with the props removed. My main PC GCS is Mission Planner but I also very much like QGC which works great on multi-platforms.

What fun and no wires between the M12L and the tablet! Next, I’m going to see if I can map the 4-way knob to my Feiyu-Tech G3 Ultra gimbal.

(RickyG) #1033

Someone is having some fun.
Qgroundcontrol is awesome. Just wish it handled the UVC video. It would be the perfect system.

(MartinKeilloh) #1034

may day may day Mr Cao we need the new UVC video system please share with us,thank you

(Kikislater) #1035

+1 it’s exactly the feeling of this conversation …
Discussion need more users reports !

(Greg Covey) #1036

Anyone reading can buy one and join the conversation. I have only had mine a week and I have been reporting my findings. Posting our findings has been a group effort and I have found a wealth of information here. So please, join in if you have an interest or need for the Skydroid system.

Since I live in New York, it is Winter so I won’t be flying for months. Even when I can fly, I fly LOS because it is New York.

So far, everything I have tried has worked. Last night, I even swapped my gimbal knob (X3 and Y3) for two button channels using the Equipment Helper. Now it’s time to connect the gimbal.

(Pompe Cukor) #1037

Hello fellow ArduPilots.

Anyone in the EU/US interested in an unused M12L kit.
We never used it. Brand new in box.
There is nothing wrong with the system, but was simply a premature jump on our part.
We don’t see any of our project using this device in the near future and I hate to see it gathering dust.
We are selling for very cheap no customs to worry about for EU buyers.
How about an unbeatable 50% of the (Chinese) retail price + shipping.
Also we have very good prices with our agent for shipping to the US, so don’t let that scare you anyone.

We have just a single unit!
Please, in other not to OT the thread, kindly send PM if interested and the name of your city so that I can quote shipping cost for you.

(Pompe Cukor) #1038

Here she is.

(Greg Covey) #1039

My Skydroid set came with multiple antennas for both air and ground units. Do we have gains for these antennas?

Ground Unit:

  • 2-Rubber Duck Antennas (installed)
  • 1-Patch Antenna

Air Unit:

  • 2-Shorter Antennas (installed)
  • 2-Longer Rubber Duck Antennas with longer cables.

(Greg Covey) #1040

I finished setting up my gimbal and it works great! The little rocker knob also has built-in speed change if you hold it longer. It’s nice to see the radio channel outputs on QGC when making changes.

I used channels 11 and 12 for X3 and Y3 in the Equipment Helper and then changed the R12 outputs from CH1 and CH2 to CH11 and CH12 using the Function button procedure. There is no reason to have an output on the CH1 or CH2 PWM pins if you are using SBUS to the Pixhawk. Button B is my gimbal 3-mode setting. I hadn’t realized before that the buttons can do three positions (like the switches) when using a long press…very nice!

Once again…everything worked! After focusing on ArduPlane and VTOLs for a few years, I had forgotten just how much more configurable ArduCopter was with spare channels. This is my current setup.


(cala2) #1041

I understand the patch is a yagi so I hope it go in flat position, I test like that in my 16km rover test ( ) full signal but better if others can confirm it.

(Greg Covey) #1042

I finished installing my R12 air unit and it looks pretty clean. The air unit replaced my X8R, telemetry unit, and MavLink to FrSky invertor.

QGC has nice audibles for things that change the Arducopter functions but not for channel-only changes like camera modes, IOC, etc., so I will miss Amber for some of these functions.

(Kenny Trussell) #1043

I’m ordering another M12L for a boat application. I also would like to put a relatively low cost camera on it. Since there is a good bit of discussion above about video, I will ask this here. From what I see above, I am thinking I will buy this What do I need to buy for the boat end (camera and transmitter)? When I say low cost, I would be OK with $200 or so.

I am open to other suggestions rather then the Skydroid, although I have it in my cart ready to hit “Order”!

(Greg Covey) #1044


The Skydroid Dual UVC receiver works great! You can also buy it in the US here from Banggood. You just missed the sale for $21/ea. I bought 2 of them. Cao says they are rebranded for Eachine so they are the same.


(Greg Covey) #1045

My first dual-MavLink test was very successful! I didn’t have any experience with dual MavLink connections but it seemed to work perfectly. QGC was connected to the Skydroid M12L via Bluetooth and Mission Planner via USB. It seems that whoever sends the last command gets the update. I also had my UVC video running from my Tarot 680 Pro on Mission Planner.

(Kenny Trussell) #1046

What do I need on the rover end to send the video?

(RickyG) #1047

5.8 ghz transmitter. A good one. Perhaps a power filter just to keep your power clean.
Toss in a camera.
Your good to go.
Perhaps an OSD if you in need ot data.

these work well

and something to watch it on.

(Kenny Trussell) #1048

Thank you for that. I really don’t have time to research a lot and know I can trust you guys to tell me something that will work! (I should have asked on a new thread to keep from junking this one up even more).