Log Review: AUTO mission stopped in flight

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Today I did a AUTO mission which stopped right after takeoff. The mission is being send to the drone using a Jetson nano companion computer which sits on the drone. The Jetson uses dronekit to send the mission to ArduCopter.

After the mission is uploaded a flight should be performed as followed using dronekit to command mode changes:

  • The drone is armed in GUIDED and takes off to target altitude
  • At target altitude the mode is switched to AUTO to perform the mission.
  • When the final waypoint is reached the mode is changed to LAND to land the drone.

Today I did 6 flights in which the above worked 5 out of 6 times. On one flight it however failed in that the drone took off but never started moving towards the first waypoint. I have below a log which shows two flights. The first flight went perfect but the second failed and I had to take control to land the drone.

It was a bit of a windy day and the drone struggled a bit. We have had issues in the past where voltage drops resulted in a shutdown of the companion computer especially in windy conditions. I suspect it could have happened here also right before the switch to AUTO mode should have taken place. However I dont know how to see if the companion computer is still sending messages to Arducopter using the logs. Also once the drone is in AUTO mode it does not need the companion computer anymore right?

My question is: Can anyone review my log to see what happened around time 15:10 in my log which resulted in the drone not following the AUTO mission?

Also I have two bonus questions if the log is reviewed by anyone:

  • This flight was my first test with RTK using f9p. I am having some trouble to see if the RTK system i used really improved the drones performance for altitude and position following. Was the drone using GPS altitude or does this need to be enabled?

  • I find the drone quite aggressive on the yaw axis which results in a overshoot. The drone is a large 6s 17 inch drone so having it a bit less aggressive would be preferred. What params should I try tuning?



The 2nd flight never entered Auto Mode. It was Guided until you switched to Loiter:

I would suggest many of them as the overall tune isn’t that good.

Simply follow the step by step instructions to get a safe, wind resilient UAV How to methodically tune (almost) any multicopter using ArduCopter 4.4.x

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Thanks for the confirmation. Looking at battery voltage it probably cause the computer to reboot during flight.

Great write up. I will give it a shot. Thanks