Liquid sensor cant incoming data

i has cube pixawk2 and i wanna add liquid sensor . The liquid sensor I connected to the battery port is working, but I cannot listen to the incoming data… pleasee help meee

what sensor is it specifically.

see Unsupported Sensors? Try Arduino + Lua!

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i need listen to from sensor going to Pixhawk incoming data

btw thanks your reply

thans but i need listen to incoming data from sensor to Pixhawk

Its just a digital output off or on from that sensor, connect it to an aux pin and set it as a button input.

You dont need it to do anything just warn i assume?

I actually own a load of those sensors already

mmmm okeey i gonaa try . but i need listen incoming data for firstly liquid sensor and other things . can we chat from this if you want Login • Instagram

if you want to add a lot of different sensors then yuris unsupported sensor project is probably the way to go.

thanks soo much for your help

i made like this but i cannot get some reaction

i need help how can i learn for connect do that what my mistake or i connot do

why are you trying to wire it into the telemetry port?

I already explained to you, you need to wire it to one of the aux pins using a servo connector

join the blue and black wire together and connect it to ground
the brown wire goes to 5v in the middle
and the yellow wire goes to the signal pin.

plug it into aux 1

set BTN_ENABLE = 1
set BTN_PIN1 = 50

that should be it. you can use the BTN_FUNCTION paramter to set it to do something

and you can use the button test lua to see warnings on mission planner

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can i do that parametr on mission planner

yes you will need to refresh the parameters after setting BTN_ENABLE = 1 before you can set BTN_PIN1 = 50.

oohh ok thanks soo much

i seted all parameters then what should i do .

and how can i get the from sensor incoming data

When you trigger the sensor you should see the button trigger showing on mission planner messages. You can use the lua script i put in the last post to give custom warnings.

The sensor just gives an off or on value when water is detected.

right now sensor not working