Liquid sensor cant incoming data

Does the red light change when you put the sensor against your hand?

Have you got a 5v source connected to the servo 5v rail?

yess i did like this but sensor not working

You need to connect a 5v regulator, the servo rail is not powered from USB.

how can i use lua script can you explain to me

Is the sensor working? Is it showing as a button press on mission planner messages?

ok 1 moment i will do

The red light should change when you put the sensor up to your hand if its working correctly.

no no sensor now not working

Is the red led on the sensor changing? Have you connected 5v ?

is px4 dosnt give 5v ?

No you need to connect an additional 5v to the servo pins.

hmmm which one pin 5v servo

Any of the servo outputs will work

this connect is that true or not .

Connect the 5v power to any of the pins with the red and black line and it will power your sensor on aux1.

i did its working but i cant see that reaction on missionplaner

here we can limited for that if can you connect to this for more comfotable contact

i cant get reaction from px4 cube on mission planner

are you getting a reaction here on mission planner

try and set BTN_OPTIONS1 =1 that will invert the input so a high signal from the sensor board will activate it rather than a low signal.

no no i cant got reaction button data