LIDAR-Lite slow update rate

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I’m integrating a LIDAR-Lite V3 HP with a Pixhawk2.1 running ArduPlane via I2C. It worked right away with the recommended settings and wiring, however the update rate is very slow: a new measurement is only displayed in MissionPlanner every 1-2 seconds.

Thinking that it might be a telemetry rate issue, I checked the rate using QGC, which was >2Hz, meaning the sonarrange message gets sent 2 to 3 times a second, but the value of the measurement only changes every 3 to 4 messages.

I also connected the LIDAR to an arduino. Even using the settings for the longest range (slowest measurement), it still measures multiple times per second, so it’s not a LIDAR limit.

As I will be using the LIDAR for landing, how can I get it to measure at a faster rate?

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In both Helicopters the Rangefinder is not working with ChibioOS. But loading back NuttX it is working. Why?
I use the same Rangefinder as you do.
That was my question 10 day’s ago. Never received an answer.
You waiting just 1 day. Be patience is the game.

Maybe it has something to do with the following. I don’t know.

RangeFinder: lightware lw20 requires ping to tell sensor whether to use I2C or serial

There is now some action on this topic on another thread here. Have a look, perhaps it helps.

Note that you are using a different Lidar, lightware lw20, vs the LidarLite V3HP.

For anyone coming across this post in the future, it has been resolved using the firmware update discussed in this pull request. Hopefully it will be merged into the master firmware soon.