Kakute F7 AIO and Pinout described on Hardware page

I am interested in building a QuadCopter using Kakute F7 FC, but I will be using the Mission Planner (Ardupilot) firmware and GUI interface (Ardupilot supports F7).

On Ardupilot hardware page, the pinouts are different than what is generally described if you would use Betaflight or iNav.

Attached are 3-slides describing how to hookup components to F7 using Ardupilot FW. Could you please review these slides to ensure I have understood the pinout correctly. Specially the motor location and rotation direction.

Here is the page from Ardupilot:

HolyBro Kakute F7 AIO_Ardupilot wiring.pdf (495.6 KB)

This is simple to determine. With the FC mounted in the frame in the orientation of your choice make sure pitch and roll are correct in Mission Planner HUD when tilting the craft. If it’s not adjust the AHRS_ORIENTATION to correct it. Then use Mission Planner’s Motor Test Feature to determine the required motor order mapping and then re-map as required. Done.

Thank you Dave. Did you look at the PDF attachment? Does all other devices connection look ok?

Yes, looks good. I don’t know about the motor order but following the procedure I outlined it doesn’t matter how it’s wired as it’s easy to fix in firmware. I like that board, I put one in plane.

Thank you for reviewing the document. Reason I am laying out wiring diagram before putting it all together is that most flight controllers originally designed for iNav or Betaflight will work with Ardupilot SW only if you follow Ardupilot instructions exactly. E.g. Matek F405, I followed the wiring diagram from iNav and it had trouble with throttle and GPS. Once I read and follow Ardupilot non visual instructions it worked perfectly.
Hopefully the wiring diagram I drew can make it to the Ardupilot website as fully validated instructions.
Thanks again.