Just a noob that needs help getting started

hi my name is Simon and i need help getting started i want to get started with ardupilot but I have no idea where to jump in I have been interested in planes and autopilot for a long time I tried inav but it was not documented very well so I am trying ardupilot as you now I am a total noob at this so if anybody has a very detailed plan of constructing a budget-friendly plane that I can mess with I have $300 right now and I won’t be getting more for a while :frowning: I have a spectrum dx6 and a pc and Chromebook plus lipo chargers and sodering equipment setup guides and wiring diagrams are needed

thanks, Simon

Here is another thread for a cheap setup. Extreme Budget Flight Controller Recommendations

I would suggest starting with manual flight on a very stable fixed wing first.

i know i have red that before i just do not know what to do with the info