Extreme Budget Flight Controller Recommendations

Hi, I currently have most of the fixed-wing (50 cm) long model constructed. Since I have no equitment except a radio, everything the plane needs to fly and a laptop, I would like to ask for advice on the cheapest way to start out. I currently have a spectrum ar610 receiver, I would like to ask for advice for a flight controller board that can be used for autonomous flying and waypoint missions. Also, I would like to ask for advice for a transmitter to plug into my computer. I’m asking about barebones hardware recommendation for under 40 dollars.
Thank you for your time

Kakute F7. Fully tested.

fc, current sensor and osd all included


433mhz telemetry

can not recommend anything cheaper.

Hi, thank you for your response. How do connect servos to the Kakute F7. Also do I need to attach a gps for way-point missions that can be modified mid-course? Also where do I get a usb transmitter to plug into my laptop? Basically, I’m asking for extremely cheap hardware that can do everything in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NwAX3cPvMqw

Pretty nice setup on the video, I guess you realize that the radio system (900Mhz RC + Long range FPV) he is using is about 10 X the price of the Flight Controller ?

Yeah, I don’t want to do the long rang fpv or long range transmitter. I want to dip my feet into ardupilot autonomous waypoint missions, and already have a laptop, plane with a spectrum receiver. I just wanted to get extremely cheap hardware recommendations for a flight controller, telemetry receiver, and telemetry transmitter (for the laptop).

@dkemxr kexmr 4 channels fixed wing plane

of course you need a extra gps, on the servo question. read the documentation/wiki
i allready send you the cheapest possible components.

This is posted in the wrong thread. It’s not a Copter and it’s a hardware question.

You will have to spend more than $40 for a flight controller, GPS module and telemetry radios. How many channels does your plane need?

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