Jumper Xiake 800 Flight Controller

I get Unhealthy AHRS ardupilot, using Crossfire. anyone using crossfire and have issues with unhealthy ahrs??

I printed it and the dimensions are a bit uneven with the front thinner and the back larger than expected. Would you mind uploading the source design as well so I can make a remix? Thanks.

Yes, you may need to (re)calibrate the accelerometer. That did the trick for me.

Could it be that you use an old version? I will upload also other formats, but you can use the stl files with most cad tools. I also still have to upload the latest version…

I got the ones from thingverse. I can import the STLs but it is difficult to make those adjusts so, if you please could upload the STEP files there as well, I’ll be grateful.

I uploaded new versions & all should match perfectly together. My software only provides .glb and .obj files in addition to .stl . Which one can you use?

I use onshape. I don’t think any of those are possible to be used as they are mesh only, not vectors.
Anyway, I will check the new ones out, thanks!
EDIT: Sorry, I think GLB is an option, please upload this.

Mine has something similar except on mine the right motor is tilted slightly more forward than the left motor. I adjusted the servo max limit for this in MissionPlanner and it straightened the right motor out so that it was sticking straight up but when I did this yaw control on QSTABILIZE started rotating the plane to the left and I had to do full right yaw just to stop the plane from spinning. When I switched my right motor back to slightly tilted forward, yaw control went back to normal. My guess is that one of the motors is supposed to be slightly tilted forward, but his is my first VTOL and also my first time using Ardupilot so I’m really not sure. For now I decided not to mess with the stock configuration until I had a better grasp of whether or not a motor slightly tilted forward was something that should be adjusted or not. I also noticed that in QSTABILIZE the plane performs better in pitch down (forward) than pitch up (reverse). I think in pitch down the back motor spins up but in pitch up the two front motors spin up. Maybe the poor performance I’m seeing when I pitch up is because one of the motors is tilted?

I did my first hover test today (I didn’t feel comfortable enough to transition to straight flight) and the controls felt very sluggish. I’ll see if some PID adjustments help.

Oh, just to be clear, it’s not a matter of matching the parts, I actually fused 2 of them and printed them as one piece (just need to be printed tilted 45º) but the fitting with the body of the airplane. The canopy is too thin in the front and too large in the back, I would like to make these adjustments.

Did you cut the notch at the front some millimeters back? (That’s needed for perfect fit)?

I’m actually talking about the lateral fit. As you can see in your own picture above, the front is too thin and the back is too wide. Not a problem, just aesthetically unpleasant.

Thank you for the info. grtz Peter

Do you have the log from that flight?

I noticed that the Pre-Release Qiotek Adept F407 FC has a CKSF407 Flight Controller. Same one? No DEV release yet in Ardupilot but they (Distributor) claim that its coming in 4.4