JCZK Heli and MiniPix

I know you are all talking about the JCZK helicopter! I bought the 450 conventional helicopter.
NO documentation came with it. JCZK does not answer emails asking for help. Ebay could not even get the seller to reply–bad on HobbyWOW and THEIR vendor.
BUT, I did get mine flying. It does very well.
First the AT9S transmitter is setup as a quad copter–not a traditional helilcopter. This may be because the throttle stick is spring centered–as it would be for a quad copter.
RC Groups has a very long section on this product. Everyone is complaining, but also figuring out how to fly it. Please look there for help too.
Switch A: is like throttle cut. Up is armed. Down is disarmed.
Switch G: Up is stabilized flight. Middle is position hold (like a quad copter) and down is positioning and headless. mode.
Switch F: up is do nothing. down is RTH.
Turn on TX then plug in flight battery. After a few beeps, press red button to get solid red. You now should have control of the swashplate and tail. Verify proper TX response AND correcting tilt as you tilt the helicopter!
Waite a while! CPU light will be blinking blue. This means it is looking for GPS. Then blinking green. This means it has found GPS.
the green light should go solid green when it has found enough satellites for a position fix. That is HOME position for RTH.
Hold throttle stick down and flip switch A up. And, pull both sticks to the center bottom (or outer bottom).
Rotor should slowly spin up with throttle in spring center position.
With rotor up to speed, copter will lift off with more throttle stick.
Mine does. Flies really nicely.
Ed I have questions to follow in another post.

My second posting:
I have not changed parameters on my JCZK autopilot or the AT9S transmitter.
I think the autopilot in the JCZX is a MiniPix. The MiniPizx is identified in QGroundControl as a PX4_FMU_V2. I do not think the JCZK is a clone, just a MiniPix in their own plastic box.
Both Mission Planner and QGroundControl work with the PX4/MiniPix. Note: QgroundControl installs it own UART driver and to a different COMM port. For both MP and QGC you must go to Device Manager and open the COMM port and set it’s baud rate to115200.
I have not connected the JCZK to MP or QGC.
I bought a MiniPix set on Amazon for $41.00. A lot of product for not much money.

My problem with it is not finding out how to ACTUALLY arm the helicopter motor. Any one have an idea. I find NO evidence that Channel 8 . that Switch A function to have any effect as it does for the JCZK.

When the JCZK was made. They did the Acceleration and Compass calibration. Doing so, accepted the fact that the autopilot and GPS/compass are facing back. Not a problem

I got a tip from RadioLink. You MUST tell the MiniPix to; RCMAP_PITCH to number 6. RCMP_thorttle is number 3.
BUT: my JCZK uses channel 6 output for throttle?

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Please follow the ArduPilot wiki on setting up a Helicopter


I have one too and like it alot, since you appear to be happy with it, is there anyway to forward the 380a minipix apm default perimeters to me so i can check to make sure mine are correct.

I normally wouldnt ask for this, but i cant find the info anywhere on the internet.

i had a small crash and it seems one of the features is not working properly and i was fiddingly around with the apm setting to see if i could correct it and nothing has changed so i wanna go back to the beginning if possible.

thank you.


In the ArduCopter forums, find JCZX and MiniPix.

I have several entries.

These include functions of the RadioLink transmitter as programmed by JCZX.

The next entries describe powering up the helicopter and arming the motor.

And other entries about the JCZX product. As programmed by JCZX, the transmitter does everything, but no on line instruction on how to do it or from JCZX. The setups for MiniPix are not even similar even though both use the same (or similar) Ardupilot logic and function.

Be sure to copy the JCZX model file to an unused model memory and name it JCZX-2. Also, write down each function and position of all switches and buttons and sticks. Model memory does not do this for you.

Please have a look. Let me know if there is anything else you need to get flying.

There are still no JCZX instructions anywhere except in Chinese and no translation of it!


Thanks for getting back to me, much appreciated, I have as you have mentioned, saved a copy of the model that came pre-programmed with the radiolink at9.

What I didn’t do was keep good track of the perimeters that I might have changed in the APM itself.

As you know the APM contains numerous parameters that can be modified, so I tried changing one or two of them to correct a condition that I was having with the one of the flight modes and it appears I’ve made it worse.

So like I was saying I’m trying to get my hands on the JCZK original default APM parameters.

A late update: Mission Planner does not connect to the JCZK 380A flight controller with the USB connection! But it does connect with the Radiolink WiFi device. It connects to Telemetry port 1, then by WiFi to a computer running MP. I can not explain why or why not!
Anyway, I had a hard crash with my JCZK 450L. With MP connected I found that the 380A needed a fresh compass calibration. I went to hardware and then to compass. did the calibration and now the 380A works again. So, contrary to my earlier post, MP does in deed apply to the JCZK 380A flight controller. I have not reason to modify anything.

Additional information. The JCZK 450L is in fact a Gartt 450L helicopter. Parts for this helicopter are available. I needed a new tail boom, main gear set, and blades. The blades are LARGER than any other 450 helicopter by a couple inches each. It is almost a 500. Hope this helps someone else. It is one of the very best helicopters in this class.


Please where can that Radiolink WiFi device be ordered?

Trying to find it somewhere but I can’t.


Denis, Sorry to hear of crash. The JCZK flight control unit is almost a MiniPix but not quite. I found that MP will read the JCZK with USB but does not accept changing the programming. When next restarted, it is the original programming again. I did not try the Radiolink WiFi with JCZK, but I do use it in several MiniPix units. They work fine with USB too. There are similar WiFi units out there, only the Radiolink will work with MiniPix, I do not know why. I got mine thru Banggood. Ed


One more question please.

I can see a very slight imperfection in swash plate setup (I can see it when I raise and lower the collective). It’s so small that I can’t tell if it’s something I should be bothered with or not. All three swash plate servos seem to be fully correct.

On the other hand I had a slight roll aside right before I finally landed for the first time, not sure if it’s something I did wrong (it’s possible as I’m still learning) or it could be related to that swash setup issue.

Please how can I check the mechanical setup from the DataFlash logs and make sure it’s good enough? When I run AutoAnalysis, it says: "Test: Pitch/Roll = GOOD - "


Remember the sensors that determine level, in flight, are dynamic. They are always seeking level, even when the heli is stationary on the ground.
Do a lift off to three feet/ one meter, then land.
Let me know the behavior.

Hi Ed,

Finally I’ve got the chance to try my heli after so many freezing days.
I did what you have suggested and everything seems to be ok. Smooth take off and also smooth landing.
After I have landed I left it some more time spinning on the ground, I did not notice any vibrations. So seems that it’s OK.


Best regards,

i just bought a jczk 300l from bangood. i noticed that at9s is set up a quad copter.is this normal. i thought it would be heli mode. is it okay to use in quad copter set up.i find this tx confusing.David.

David, I too was confused by this. Here is why. When in the GPS mode, the helicopter will fly like a DJI quad with the left stick at spring centered neutral. Push the stick up and the helicopter rises.
Advice. Since the setup is new, please save a copy of the JCZK setup in the transmitter in another memory. Tale a phone picture of the transmitters screen’s setups for later reference. The control unit is a custom installation by JCZK on what is essentially a MiniPix controller. Do not change anything. MissionPlanner, GCA, and a few other PC apps can read the setups in your JCZK controller an can alter things too. Don’t do it. But, if you get this far, please immediately save the setup under a unique name in your PC.
That said, the 300 will fly as in the promotion videos very nicely. Learn the sequence for starting it and unlocking the motor. Lots of uTube videos on this. Good luck.

Thank you, how do you save it in another memory.i am used to spectrum tx.i really do not like the Radio link.Thanks David.

Edward Sweeny.would it be possible for you to send me screen shots of your set up.also what channels you are using.i would presume this set up would not have return to home.so many questions.would it be possible to send a friends request to my wife Brenda McCarrol on facebook. we use the same account.i live in Canada. i have a number of friends on facebook from the usa.i have been flying for years.i have 2 uh 1d 450 medics hueys i use spirit system 2 and dx8 tx. also have a naza h on another heli.i do not want to crash this heli as it costly. i am upset that i cannot get any support for this heli. i was happy to see your post.thankyou for your help.David.

I will try to get useful screen shots of my RadioLink transmitter as setup for my JCZK 450. It will be the same as for the S300.
Because of the absolute absence of instructions, manuals or support, I am going to make better suggestion. At least for the safety of you helicopter! AND your sanity.

Get the FlyWing H1 controller with long wire for its GPS. They are available at AliExpress and from the FlyWing store at AliExpress. Join the FlyWing H1 group on Facebook.I have six H1’s. They are setup for any helicopter with a simple-to-understand PC program. Lots of support available and from FlyWing. I am sure someone else has already done exactly what you need to do.
Your RadioLink TX connects to the JCZK with a SBUS receiver. Use it with the H1. Setup a new model memory for your H1 controlled JCZK. If you want to use your Spektrum 8 that is ease too. When ordering the H1, also get the Spektrum satellite receiver interface.
Write again.