It goes into autotune mode but doesn't do what it's supposed to do in this mode

It enters autotune mode but does not do what it should do in this mode. It seems that it has switched to autotune mode in Mission Planner, but it floats in the air. It does not do the movements it should do in Autotune mode. What could be the reason for this? It didn’t happen when using the old version, now I’m in the new version and it doesn’t happen again. (motor a2212/10t, 10 inch propeller, f450 frame)
I shared the log file, thank you for the replies.

There was continuous “AutoTune: pilot overrides active” messages present until battery FS. So it thinks you are constantly manually repositioning the craft. Radio Calibration done with Trims centered? What Flight Controller is this?

My autopilot is navio 2, I didn’t make any extra adjustments to the trims.

Ah the Navio 2 “Wonder Flight Controller”. Meaning “wonder what’s going on”…

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I do not understand what you mean

Sorry, I was joking and being unhelpful. There have been other Navio 2 threads where the issues were not clear.

Navio 2 is not very successful in serious applications, is it true?

I really should not comment on that as I don’t have direct experience and am just citing anecdotal evidence from other posts that could be out of context.