Intel stop production of T265 feb 2022

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As you can see here here intel will stop prduction of T265 Feb 2022, so what is planed for ArduCopter and tracking camera ? Replace by D455 ?


There is talk here about implementing the ViO on future Luxonis Oak cameras:

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Thanks @ppoirier I’ll follow carefully the subject. But for now, is it possible for example replace t265 with d435i for example for a tracking without depth/obstacle avoidance ?

The D4xx series cannot be used directly as as a tracking device. You need to add a SLAM system like the RTABMAP for position and localisation but that requires a lot of onboard processing power.

Hum ok nice thanks so it’s impossible with a raspberry. So it’s impossible to find an alternative camera to replace t265 with ardupilot without ros + raspberry configuration right now.

Unfortunately, not at the moment, the T265 was an amazing system but the lack of support and limitation to access the internal functionality made it quite restrictive to deploy on real live scenario IE outdoor with few features to detect

Ok thanks @ppoirier so I’ll waiting for a new solution. OAK-D seems to be promising. I just hope my t265 doesn’t break down :sweat_smile: