Indoor Navigation using HTC Vive

I would like to navigate my copter in lab using HTC Vive controller attached to the drone.
The idea is to receive the position of the controller in my laptop and then inject this position back to the drone (using MAVROS via wifi)

Is it possible?
I am using a Pixhawk with ArduCopter 3.5


How can I inject the position of the drone from external device (HTC vive in my case) using mavros?
The position is given in NED coordination system.


I managed to arm and takeoff in SITL using fake GPS data (/mavros/hil/gps topic).
I used the following values:
eph,epv <- 20
sat <- 12

However, when I inject the same data into a real drone - I receive the following error:
preARM: GPS HDOP 100 (needs 2.5)

I notice that no matter the value I set in the eph field, I receive hdop:100.0 in the mission planner

Does anyone know how to solve this problem?