IMU based NED position estimates(dead reckoning)

Are there any parameters to play around with that gives us local position estimates based on IMU readings (dead reckoning) with GPS disabled?
I tried it in SITL, I have disabled AHRS_GPS_USE and set EK3_SRC1_POSXY = 0 and EK3_SRC1_VELXY = 0 . In SITL, I get the LOCAL_POSITION_NED messages for a few seconds after setting SIM_GPS1_DISABLE =1 and then it stops.

Not really, unless you get navigation grade IMU you won’t have good position estimate for more than few seconds without using at least optical flow, especially on a rotorcraft.

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I want to get the position estimates reported by IMU regardless of the accuracy, I have a companion computer that can give vision based psoition estimates but I need the position estimates of IMU as feedback

If you are correctly sending vision position estimations and have configured EKF to use them then it looks like it isn’t being integrated into the solution.

Please post a log so somebody with more experience with VIO can help.