I was wondering if the drone can enter battery failsafe cuple of times during one flight

My hexacopter is running on 2 batteries. the first on has high capacity with low C rate and the other on has small capacity with high C rate.

when the drone need high current, which the big one cant suppy, the other one gives it.
that causes a wired sitiation. the voltage is rising after the climbing is done.

the problem is with the failsafe.
the voltage is getting below the low/ critical , the drone enters FS mode, I take control and override the failsafe.
later in the flight the battery will be drained, the drone will not enter FS and destroy the battery in the air :frowning:
I don’t want to change the low/critical battery values.

Is there a way as in GCS/ RC failsafe that the FS will be “cleared” so next time, it will enter FS again ? Thanks!!

The first problem is you do not have a valid understanding of electrical theory which has led you to the second problem of using two different batteries with different C ratings and capacities.

To help you resolve these issue we need a COMPLETE hardware list, motors, escs, props, batteries, EVERYTHING.

The next thing we need is how much the aircraft weighs with and without the batteries installed.

The final thing we need is the *.bin log file you used to get the voltage plot.