How to Use Mini OSD for PIxhawk 2.4.8 Video Streaming

Try this or a variant. Works great for me, cheap, long range and HD video. Need to be comfortable with a bunch of soldering however.

Hi sir @hosein_gh, is this the one?

Also, If I will use that on my phone, do i need to connect something on the drone itself? The video transmitter? What receiver is compatible to that? This is if I want it to be TRUE FPV? Am I right?

Thanks much, it is now clear to me that phone control is only to set flight plan and wont server to control the drone manually. I thought it can be controlled by phone hehe. Thanks much.

By the way, this is my Gimbal. I need to solder the end of the wire to the positive and negative on the drone board right? Whete the ESCs are soldered.

If you want to use this receiver you have to buy a 5.8 ghz transmitter and install it on your drone

Yes you need to solder the end of the wire to the positive and negative on the drone board Where the ESCs are soldered.

You can control your drone with virtual joystick option in qground control but this option only supports PX4 firmware not ardupilot

Hi sir, by using this receiver and this transmitter, can I already see the video streaming in my Mission Maker app? In this case I will use action camera and gimbal for pixhawk.

Or do i need to use and FPV camera?

Yes you can see live video on your phone with this parts
Note that your action camera must have analog video output to use this parts for your drone
For example this is a analog video out cable for gopro hero 3

Hi Sir @hosein_gh, thanks for your feedback. Yes sir, ive done some research and I was confused how to used This FPV Cable, thats what it called right? Also, do you think that is universal cable not only for go pro? Like other action cam with the same function like go pro? Like SJCAM?

How do I connect that to my gimbal to camera and to MINI OSD/Pixhawk?

Is this the same one?

Simply connect this cable to gopro camera and connect video out to your transmitter video in cable

This cable is for xiaomi action camera not gopro or sjcam

Dont they have universal FPV cable? Than can be use for all types of action camera? Do I need to use OSD on this?

OSD is an optional hardware at all
There is no any universal cable because companies use different ports on cameras
For example gopro hero 3 have mini usb and eken cameras have micro usb

Yes, my action camera has a mini usb port. Do you think this is okay to use? Also, sir can you help me please how to connect this things into pixhawk, 2 axis gimbal, action camera, video transmitter. How will I connect that all? :frowning:

There power source? How will it look all in all?

Also, where would I connect the FPV cable/Transmitter Lead to this transmitter Sir?


Really you need to use google
You dont need to connect them to pixhawk
For gimbal just connect it to power source and your gimbal must work
For camera to transmitter connection watch this video

I see, thats why im confused coz I though all along I need to connect either the video trasnsmitter to pixhawk, but for gimbal it should be connected to the servo pin of the pixhawk right? To control pitch and roll.

Why you wanna connect video transmitter to pixhawk?

about gimbal yes you can connect gimbal to pixhawk aux 1 and 2 To control pitch and roll.

Actually sir, I dont have really an idea thats why I ask. Apology for being so noob :frowning: This is the first time im doing this.

The Pixhawk has no video capability. That should have been clear in the links posted in this thread already. There are Flight Controllers that Arducopter supports that do have integrated OSD but all this does is replace an external OSD device. No Flight controllers that Arducopters supports have an integrated video transmitter.