How to Use Mini OSD for PIxhawk 2.4.8 Video Streaming

Hi experts, need your assistance on this. How can I make my F450 Drone using pixhawk 2.4.8 stream the video on Smart TV or on anything while flying? Thanks. I’m using 2200 mah battery.

Will this work using Mini OSD? If so, how? Thanks

Here is minimOSD setup guide with Pixhawk

For transmitting video you need a video transmitter like this :

For receiving video you need a receiver or a monitor with build in reciver for example

Hi sir, is miniOSD not enough? I have a Smart TV monitor with internet, will it not work? I will be using GoPro as a camera or equivalent action cam. Thanks

MinimOSD (On Screen Display) does not transmit anything. It simply overlays telemetry data on an existing video feed. You need a video transmitter on the craft and a video receiver on the ground.

Read the link that was posted above.

I have this “FPV 2 Axis Brushless Gimbal With Controller For DJI Phantom GoPro 3 RC Drone”, do i still need the miniOSD? I will be soldering the supply into the motors supply, then connect the 3 pins to pixhawk 7 pin. Will that work?

Same like this

Minimosd is an optional part if you want to see telemetry data on video you have to use it if not simply ignore it
To transmit video directly connect video output from camera to transmitter

On the example above, where is the transmitter on that?

If you google your gimbal model you will find out your gimbal and camera doesn’t have video transmitter you have to buy a video transmitter

Is this what i need?

yes this is exactly what you need

What else sir? Do i need? How does it work on my gimbal? So sorry, really no idea about this :frowning: I will I see the video for live streaming? This is flight plan, on the video he put something on his phone.

please fully read this section of wiki :

it will solve all of your problems and questions

All we are doing here is beating around a bush that has no birds to flush out.

First off, you need to understand that 99.9999999% of the “add copy” on the internet contain search tags like “FPV,” “DJI,” and so fourth that do not have any direct relationship to the actual item being sold. What you are actually searching for is just a “brushless 2 axis gimbal for GoPro,” and the only thing the gimbal does is carry and stabilize a camera.

Second, Streaming implies a digital “transmission”. YouTube is streaming. Broadcasting implies using RF (Radio Frequency) energy to send data from point A to point B. FPV is broadcasting.

With that being said, the easiest way to get video from your quad to a “smarttv” is to use “regular” FPV equipment (camera and video transmitter) and transmit the video to an FPV receiver that is connected to the ANALOG (red, white, yellow) RCA inputs to the TV.

“Streaming” that same video over the internet is an entirely different and much more complex undertaking.

So, what you really need to do is give us an ACCURATE, COMPLETE, and DETAILED description of what your ultimate goal is so we can filter out the “white noise,” and give you the answers you really need.

Hi sir, thank you so much for your heads up. What I really want to achieve is that, while im flying my drone/quad/pixhawk/, I wanted to see the video on my phone/tablet or smart TV, sort of FPV. Im so sorry for the confusion, I didnt make myself clear.

My components currently that I have is a 2 axis Gimbal, ActionCamera (GOPro), and MiniOSD. I dont know where to start in order for me to reach the goal that I want, which is to see the video from camera while flying the drone.

Yes, streaming is a different thing it needs wifi connection.

If you must use a phone/tablet, then you will be limited to using a camera that has WiFi functionality. Basically the camera becomes a WiFi Access Point. You connect your phone/tablet to the camera in the same way you connect to a wireless network and then you run an app that displays and records the video. An FPV video transmitter and an OSD are of no use in this configuration.

On the other hand, if you want TRUE FPV the best route is to use goggles instead of a phone or tablet. In this configuration the camera sends analog video to the OSD. The OSD is connected to a telemetry port on the Pixhawk. The OSD takes telemetry data from Pixhawk, converts that data into a graphical overlay, and then sends the combined video to the transmitter. The transmitter broadcasts the video to your goggles.

If my set up is camera with gimbal only, then the camera will serve as a wifi connected to my phone and I will open the app which displays the video, the drone needs to be controlled using Radio Transmitter? Or can I control the fly using phone with telemetry in QGrounControl app? Or It is only applicable for Flight Plan mission?

Also, if camera and phone connected to wifi theres a limitation for the distance a phone can read the wifi of camera right?

If later on I will be using TRUE FPV, I cannot use telemetry and OSD at the same time? it must e controlled again using Radio Transmitter?

The drone still needs the RC transmitter.

Yes, WiFi has a very limited range.

You can use a telemetry radio and the OSD in parallel on a single telemetry port. This works because the OSD is “listen only,” and gets the same data the telemetry radio gets.

You can use qGrondControl, but I prefer Mission Planner. In either case you CANNOT use your tablet/phone to control the aircraft.

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In addition to @OldGazer replys you can use OTG 5.8GHz reciver to recive video signals on your phone or tablet like this :

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DUH!. I have one of those receivers and I totally forgot about it.

I’m waiting for Herelink to arrive. I think that would solve this problem. UAVcast would be another solution.