How to use mavros_controller with ArduCopter?

does the new release of copter 4.0.8 solve this issue of attitude target? @Leonardthall

We are on 4.1 now and I don’t know. Let me know if it fixes it.

looks like typemask 128 still doesn’t work

Oh, sorry. You are talking about the set attitude target.

Did you check my PR?

Yes, I used your PR, I am having one issue with it. actually, I am using mavros_controllers which publish the body rate on mavros/setpint_raw/attitude, It works fine with PX4 autopilot, but when I am trying to see the same with ardupilot, the UAV does random motion and crashes

Do you have a log?

It looked like it worked properly when I tested it.

I posted all the info here

when I publish arbitrary bodyrates in either x or y or z axis, the UAV moves the respective axes in case of PX4 and your PR so I don’t think there’s some issue related to the Axes

Do you have the specific message being sent?

as in? Do you want to see a sample message?

I have not put in the rate logging on the input. If I added that now how long would it take you to test it.

If you have a specific message I can test. When I tested it I did it by doing loops and rolls and yaw rotations. Maybe I missed something in my test.

actually i don’t have a specific message, I am trying to test a path planner along with mavros_controllers so it constantly publishes on that topic, I can test it right now if you pust the changes to the PR

Ok, I am checking it quickly now.

Give me a sec

something similar to this repo. you can test it as well to find better insights @Leonardthall

I just pushed two commits to the PR.

I will test them here but this way you can get started at your end.

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Okay, I’ll test the PR, just a request, if possible please test the PR with the repo I mentioned above, so that we can make common conclusions and it will help me a lot

thanks for all the support

Make sure you set:

GUID_OPTIONS 8 to get the proper interpretation of that message!

where can I set this? as a message parameter?

In the arducopter parameters.

okay, thanks, will do