How to set up TFmini via I2C?

Looking for pointers on using the sparkfun TFmini via I2C on the cube. Thanks!

as far as i know you have to run the tfmini on serial, I just installed one on my quad yesterady as a forward facing obstacle avoidance sensor. @ppoirier can chime in but he was the one that told me I had to hook it up via Serial, So I don’t believe it’ll work as i2c because it does not have an SCL or SDA cable, it has +5v,GND, and RX and TX cables, which is what serial runs. I run mine off of the Serial 4 / GPS 2 slot on my mini carrier board and it works well.

TFMINI has 2 models now; Serial & I2C , they are 2 different parts numbers
Please note that there is no I2C driver for ardupilot at the moment


I bought one of the I2C models from sparkfun. I’ll order a serial model now. Do you know if there are any plans for an I2C driver in the near future?

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Please note that you can inform BENEWAKE that you have a “TFMINI I2C waiting for a Driver” here IIC protocol Firmware Development Task for TFmini LiDAR sensor


we looking forward to see it running on arducopter

Good news, the driver has been written last week, look here

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Unfortunately TFMini Plus has different protocol so it will not work with I2C TFMini from Sparkfun.
I’ve spend two weeks trying to get work I2C TFMini but had no result. Have no idea is that a ChibiOs or MCU problem. Or maybe something with my exact setup.