How to connect rplidar S2 to cube pilot

I want to use rplidar S2 over cube pilot running ardupilot. As rplidar A2 already supported out of the box and slamtec website showing its compatible with A series so I want know S2 will support out of the box or not as there is no data available related to this topic.

Thank you

There is data to this topic. The data is… S2 is not yet supported.

Search this forum there are multiple posts explaining it.

Hi @amilcarlucas,
I am wondering if the support for S2 has been added to the Arducopter stable or Dev branch. Or if it is still being worked on? Please share if you have any insights.
Many Thanks

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Get 4.5.2 and it should work

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Thank you for quick response. I will try it right away and report back. I hope it works like a Charm :crossed_fingers:

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I have flashed the latest Copter 4.6.0 Dev on Cube Orange+ for testing. S2 LIDAR is connected on Telem1 (Serial 1) while power is provided through a separate 5V BEC connected to the same battery that powers up the Cube Orange+ (for common ground).

I am following the instructions here RPLidar A2 and S1 360 degree lidar β€” Copter documentation for parameter setup to enable the Obstacle Avoidance, and using the Mission Planner β†’ Setup β†’ Advanced β†’ Proximity to view the LIDAR map. I am on Mission Planner 1.3.81 build 1.3.8741.25556

However, i noticed that S2 does not start scanning automatically when connected to 5V power source (no motor vibration/noise). The only way to start a scan, that i have discovered so far, is by connecting the S2 to a PC via the USB adapter, and using the start scan button in the RoboStudio software GUI.

I have contacted SlamTech support to find a way to automatically start scanning on power up. If anyone here as already figured it out, please share a solution, so that i can proceed with the testing.


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