How To Connect Pixhawk 4 Dshot ESC
““If using a Pixhawk that has ports labeled AUX and MAIN, set SYS_USE_IO=0 and connect your ESCs to the AUX-labeled outputs as though they were labeled MAIN .””

Hi, this issue has confused me. Now, can’t I mount my Dshot esc by connecting the signal cable to m1, m2 places?


There is no SYS_USE_IO parameter. What now?

Now you would go over to the PX4 forum because that’s where that parameter is relevant.

Ah, I see you have spammed the forum and got the same answer.

The lesson here is: to set up a flight controller with ArduPilot firmware, read the ArduPilot documentation. If you’re trying to set up a flight controller with PX4 firmware, ask for help on the PX4 forum. Mixing and matching just leads to confusion/frustration.
Note that Pixhawk4 and PX4 are not the same thing. One is hardware, the other is a software project.

I’m just trying to get this 4 month old build off the ground. I keep getting links to documentation that isn’t relevant or doesn’t help

what software do I need for the PX4? QGround Control? I can’t find any of those parameters there either

My FC is the pixhawk 2.4.8

PX4 is software/firmware. Use Arducopter Pixhawk1 for that FC.

What software has the [SYS_USE_IO parameter?

So after I set the MOT_PWM_TYP to 4 like I already did, how do I get the FC to treat the AUX channels as MAIN channels? I still need the parameter SYS_USE_IO and I can’t find that anywhere and there are no instructions on what to do otherwise

If I buy a 4 in 1 ONE SHOT esc board, will I have to any configuring with parameters that aren’t there? I already have $2500 put into this thing what’s another $50, right?
If I purchase the TCMMRC 50A AIO BLHeli_S 4-in-1 ESC 3-6S Electronic Speed Controller that Supports DSHOT1200/600, PWM, Multishot, Oneshot for FPV Racing Drone Quadcopter. will I be on the right track?

Better to buy a BLHeli_32 4in1. Better support for Dshot protocol out of the box.

PX4 does. If that’s what you want go here and don’t post in this forum:
PX4 forum

I think there’s a whole lot of confusion here. In Ardupilot you can just set the function for the output to whatever you want. ServoN_function (where N is a number) is the parameter, so for the outputs you want to use set the function to be whatever motor you need it to be.

No, you can’t, I’ve tried. You have to set the aux channels to work as the main channels but the parameter is not there to make that happen. The FC will not run DShot on main channels.

I need my question answered. If I buy a 4 in 1 esc board that runs one-shot. Will I be able to wire it up and fly it without having to do goofy things with the configuration? I can get one for $45. will that solve my problem?

I don’t want to have anything to do with DShot. that’s what my current ESCs run on.

Just get a Blheli 32 that can run dshot, oneshot and things like that are just accelerated pwm where dshot is actually a true square wave digital protocol.

There is nothing wrong with Dshot, if you have problems you are setting something up wrong.

If you are going to be using arducopter and the pix4 flight controller we can help. but if you are using px4 software we cant help here. As dave has also linked the px4 forum

In order to run DShot with the FC I have to reconfigure the AUX channels to act like the MAIN channels. main channels won’t run on dshot. And the parameter to do that is not in the list of parameters on any of the software. Not in Mission Planner and not in QGround Station, so I’m just saying eff it. and going a different way. I just wanted to know if I’ll be beating my head against a wall for another 4 months

All you have to do is set output 9,10,11,12 to option 33,34,35,36 and turn on the dshot settings for the esc. A solid 5 mins process. But the param you are talking about is not apart of mission planner or QGC they just read the data, your flightcontrollers software is what has the param. If its running arducopter we can help and easy to setup. But again what are you running? px4 or ardu?