How to configure PID and hover throttle power?

Hi all,

It’s clearly a beginner question but I haven’t find answer to my question. is there one or more parameters in order to reduce the power Throttle in stabilize mode like in althold throttle pid ? Because right know my throttle is clearly to powerful when I take off in stabilize to try my pid.

Have you done the initial settings, including the hover test in Alt-hold? MOT_HOVER_LEARN,2. Hover for a minute or so.

Yes I did it and I got 0.189 for MOT_THST_HOVER. This is also this value for throttle power in stabilize ?

Another question. When the althold is fine should I let MOT_HOVER_LEARN at 2 or I set it at 0?

let it at 2, like it is explained in the documentation

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