How to arm hexacopter

Hi everyone!
I’m building the HobbyPower S550, and I’m using the Pixhawk 2.4.8. I can’t seem to figure out how I’m supposed to arm it though. The last thing I have to do is calibrate the ESC’s, and I believe I did that correctly, I’m just wondering how I’m supposed to arm it.
Thanks, Lucas

If you have a safety switch connected and enabled (it’s on by default) that has to be pressed 1st. Then hold the left stick (Mode 2 radio) down and right until it arms. If it doesn’t arm, connect to Mission Planner and see what error messages are generated.

Okay, I just went into my transmitter and realized it was on mode one, and not mode two. I switched it to mode two. when I try to arm it by pushing the left stick down and right, it makes a sad beep noise. (I don’t really know how I was to describe it) Also, how do I see error messages in mission planner? Where in it do I go to see that? Terminal?

There is no terminal. The messages tab under the HUD. There are several pre-arm conditons that have to be met.

Okay, I can’t find the HUD. Where specifically is it in the menu?

You are probably looking right at the HeadsUpDisplay. The messages tab is below it. Here:

Oh okay. It says PreArm: EKF2 still initializing. What does that mean?

It means to wait. What flight mode are you trying to arm in?

Okay, I’m trying to arm in stabilize

Also, I am doing this inside. Could that have an effect on it?

Did you do all of the Mandatory calibrations? Acclerometers, compass.

Inside shouldn’t matter in Stabilize mode.

Yes, however it is possible that I did the ESC calibration wrong. This is my first build so I’m pretty new at all this stuff.

All the others were successful I believe

The only thing I have not done is the servo output section. I’m not quite sure what I have to do with that one. Would that have an effect on this?

No, you don’t do anything there. ESC calibration won’t prevent it from arming. Post your parameter file, let’s take a look. Config>Full Parameter List>Save to File

Okay, I have been doing this on my phone. I’ll open it on my laptop so I can upload it to here

Full parameter list 1.param (16.9 KB)

Is this the correct file?

You skipped the most important configuration parameter, the Frame Class. It’s “Undefined” so no Servo Outputs are assigned. Read this:

Or maybe read thru the entire 1st Time Setup section.

Oh I thought I did that. Ill try setting that again.

Then post the parameter file again.