How can I collect the speed, and steering angle of an RC car?!! Question

Hello folks!

So I am making an autonomous self-driving RC race car but I need to drive it around the track collecting the speed and steering angle per frame as there will be a camera attached. Is there any way to do this? I am new to building RC cars and to the electronic components as I mainly just code. Any tips would be great! Thank you!

You would have data in the log. Here is an example of my rover creeping along while turning full right to full left.

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Thanks for the reply! and will I need any special sensors? And last question, how can I connect all this with a camera, or is that even possible?

I appreciate the help!

GPS gives you speed and the Steer logged parameters give you turn angle. Not sure how to synchronize it with a camera, perhaps the guys doing geotagging can help.

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