How achieve Mission Resume after changing Batteries?

I want to Resume my mission after refilling the pesticide tank Or battery change. What is setting should I follow to achieve the mission resume? In-flight mission resume is working 100 fine, But when land the drone, after I switch into auto, The mission resume is not working(Mission is going restart. Even MIS_RESTART=0). Up to now, I tried this wiki: -,waypoint%20stored%20in%20the%20history.

Suggest me any idea to achieve mission resume.(my version= v4.1.0DEV)

did you solve your problem?

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@GRS26 Yes, But I miniplate the fight controller.
first you must Save mission, and note down all completed commands. Make an interrupt and land. after reloading the battery, Take off and choose last completed waypoint.

Steps you should follow as bellow:-

  1. Make a separate power for flight controller.
    1.Using USB port
    2. Power up power module 2 with separate power supply.
    In above mention 2 points, power supply is Independent from main power supply of drone.( note Use 2s lion packs or power banks)

  2. Make Parameter change
    2.MOT_SPIN_ARM=0 (

3.Give the mission to drone.
4. Fire RTL in middle of mission.
5. Drone is coming to land, You should change flight mode what ever you want( Loiter Mode). land Drone manual.
6. Chang the drone main battery.
7. BECAREFUL you drone is in ARM. Please keep eyes on remote controller.
8.And increase the throttle to take-off.
9. Change flight mode to Auto
10. Like this we can achieve the copter resume of mission in mission planner.
11. If you are using QGround Control Station, QGCS will take responsible for resume of mission.
Sorry about my English, If any doubt Ask me.


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