HolyBro’s Pixhawkv4 how can i get console message?

Hi there,

i get a HolyBro’s Pixhawkv4, fmuv5, with Arducopter 3.6.0 firmware,
How i can get the console message?

the Pixhawk4 pinouts paper have defines as follow:

i connect a usb serial to the FMU Debug Port, but i can not get any message.
how to get the debug message, for example the hal.console->printf() , where i can get the output message ?

In ArduPilot the debug should actually be available over USB.

Hi james_pattison,
thanks for reply. I test it and it just like you said. thansk.

but, The FMU Debug Port as the picture show is for what use ?

If you need to use stlink to flash a bootloader or run a debugger on startup, you can use the swdio and swclk.
The uart can be assigned via a param to whatever you like (sensor, mavlink, sbus etc).