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High accuracy GPS

(Mirko Zhou) #1

Dear community,

I’m currently developing a rover that can take light level measurement at a grid of waypoints on the sports field, but the rover always fails to reach waypoints accurately. Generally it has around 2 meters error. The GPS/compass I’m using is Ublox M8N. I also tried to blend two GPS but still cannot make much difference. So is there any way to improve the accuracy of GPS navigation for waypoints ? Should I purchase a better GPS hardware ? Thank you so much


(Bruno Olivieri) #2

Hi @Mirko_Zhou,

GPS have some limitations regarding precision. Have you read about RTK based GPS? It is much more precise.

(Corrado Steri) #3

Without going all the way to RTK you could try an F9P based GPS hardware, it should be much better than M8N precision wise.

(RickyG) #4

@Corrado_Steri have you seen any good examples of the F9 thats Arducopter compliant.

(Mirko Zhou) #5

Thank you so much. Is there any product that you recommend that is compatible with Pixhawk ?