High accuracy GPS

Dear community,

I’m currently developing a rover that can take light level measurement at a grid of waypoints on the sports field, but the rover always fails to reach waypoints accurately. Generally it has around 2 meters error. The GPS/compass I’m using is Ublox M8N. I also tried to blend two GPS but still cannot make much difference. So is there any way to improve the accuracy of GPS navigation for waypoints ? Should I purchase a better GPS hardware ? Thank you so much


Hi @Mirko_Zhou,

GPS have some limitations regarding precision. Have you read about RTK based GPS? It is much more precise.

Without going all the way to RTK you could try an F9P based GPS hardware, it should be much better than M8N precision wise.

@Corrado_Steri have you seen any good examples of the F9 thats Arducopter compliant.

Thank you so much. Is there any product that you recommend that is compatible with Pixhawk ?

F9p The card is a great choice