Hexacopter radio fail safe triger takes to long?

hello everybody

this was the first flight of hexa. while flying, receiver cable displaced suddenly. hexa thumbled and drop about 50m then rised up make RTL.
as shown by graphics is it normal to drop like this amount. i was lucky at that point the was a valley and helped to compansate. thanks for advance

video link
hexa almost crush

Can you provide the full log file? I’m no expert but it should not drop. It’s very possible you got some dips and spikes in the rc input due to the way it disconnected.

dear voi9viper2

thanks for your help

here is the releated log for this flight


thanks for your help

I know I replied to this, but don’t see it. Your motors were shut down for some reason. Still trying to understand the failsafe code.

I think this is a bug. You were in loiter and switched to RTL. The throttles should only be disarmed in Stabilze orAltHold. Maybe check your Saftey settings and make sure you don’t disarm on radio disconnect.

1: Arducopter is much more reliable than that, do not listen to anyone that say “I think it’s a bug”. :slight_smile:
2: your channel7 (CH/_OPT) is configured for motor emergency stop (31), and is trigged more than once by RC.
recovery time will vary by luck, depending on attitude, and sync problems if the props start to rotate in reverse during emergency stop
Check and recheck all your failsafe settings in receiver and/or fingers on radio.

AP behaved as expected.

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thank you for all

i will check everything specially receiver plug. may be i will change it to another place not to take too much prop wind.

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