Here+ RTK with Pixhawk 2 Cube for PPK data processing.

Hello Everyone,
I’m Using pixhawk 2 cube and HERE+ RTK setup for flying.
I want to covert RTK data in PPK data any suggestion for this process?

Also when I’m flying my plane with RTK setup it’ll automatically goes in RTL mode after takeoff in between going for first point.
In normal flying(without RTK in 3D fix) plane perform whole flight path without RTL
Is there any Solution to fix this problem ?

Thank you in advance.

Best Regard
Paras Patel

I’m interested in knowing about the RTK to PPK using Here+ as well.

There is no way to convert RTK into PPK. The GNSS module must capture and store RINEX data for the duration of the flight. I don’t know if the HERE does this.

Dear Paras Patel,

Regarding PPK Proccess with Here+,
Yes it possible to PPK the observations (Rinex) if you do the following:

  1. Enable RAW GPS logging
  2. When you extract the log via mission planner and use the convert to kml gpx. MP will save an extra file in .obs format
  3. Follow instructions here in the forum using rtklib

Some issues you may face:

  1. L1 Reciever will get fixed positioning after 60-70m Alt at ease but its very difficult to obtain fixed position on the ground, thus the PPK solution (if you choose static start) maybe insufficient, So allow a good 5-10min before take off, also after landing.

  2. Iam struggling over a year to identify an issue between Geodetic Altitude, AMSL Altitude and how they manipulated/strored by ardupilot, i havent pin point the issue but my gutt says there is one, since every time i transform the data to projected datums i get inconsistent results (especially with the geotag tool), so i dont now if some kind of geoid gets involved somewere…

  3. Check your base! regardless if its a cors station or your reciever. Not too far, same periods etc.

Regarding your RTL issue.
I cant think of any reason why an RTK Setup can affect flight behavior. I’ve never faced such an issue with numerus and different setups.
If you upload 2 logs with the different setups. I think most here, will help you identify the problem.