Heilcopters.hi can someone may be help or point me to right direction about which flight controller will work for a 450size heil.i have seen a pixhawk with gprs and I want to know will that work for heilcopters and mission planner. thanks

Hi can someone help me which flight controller will work for a heilcopter (electric)450 size or 500size.i did see a pixhawk.with gprs and will that work with mission planner?I really want to do this fly a heily useing mission planner and what mission planner would I need?I use a spekturm DX 9 G2 transmitter black edition.9channel.thanks your help is greatly appreciated :+1:

Hi Heliyrich, I want to preface what I’m about to say with the following. I’m just a ardupilot user, I don’t understand the code nor it’s limitations with regard to hardware implementation. In addition I’m still fairly new to using arduplane/arducopter and have only limited experience of fc hardware. I’ll try and answer your question but take what I say with a grain of salt.
Firstly, the arducopter firmware supports traditional helicopters so you will simply need to download mission planer which you can get here: http://ardupilot.org/planner/docs/mission-planner-installation.html
With regards to which flight controller you need, that really depends on size limitations and personal preference etc. Considering the Chibios fc boards there are a few boards which are specifically for fixed wing aircraft (such as the Matek f405 wing) and many specifically for multi-copters however these could still be made to work. On the other hand, the pixhawk family of fc hardware will do every vehicle type you could want. To look at the set up regarding the fc look at the following: http://ardupilot.org/copter/docs/common-autopilots.html
For setting up a traditional heli with arducopter see: http://ardupilot.org/copter/docs/traditional-helicopters.html
Every pixhawk I have seen supports Spektrum radio receivers so there shouldn’t be any issues with your Spektrum Tx/Rx , for info on this see: http://ardupilot.org/copter/docs/common-pixhawk-and-px4-compatible-rc-transmitter-and-receiver-systems.html#common-pixhawk-and-px4-compatible-rc-transmitter-and-receiver-systems
With regards to using a pixhawk with GPRS do you mean a GPS for mission flying and GPS based flight modes or actually GPRS/GSM, perhaps in place of a SiK telemetry radio? While GSM networks could be used for this it is an advanced subject which I know nothing about.
It would be much easier to help you further if you could post a link to the pixhawk you are considering.
All of the links above are from the ardupilot wiki which is just an amazing resource, well worth reading through. Anyway, I hope some of this helps you out.

Flybar 450 Heli in loiter mode

ArduCopter Traditional Helicopter


Click on the Link.

You will find a lot of INFO there.

Hi there buddy thank you very much for your time and help and advice much appreciated thanks :+1::+1:.I’m very new to this way of flying heilys.as I fly scale gunships.and just wanted to have a go at flying a heily useing a flight control board.with gprs on mission planner.i do have a jczka380a flight controller and man what a joke trying to get to work so gave up wasn’t doing what it meant of done.i have seen a pixhawk 2.3.8on banggood with gprs and seller says it works for heilcopters :+1:or a mini pixhawk system on banggood but what I read up about it is not good :disappointed:.when I got on to mission planner and went to servo inputs I noticed the right names for my 4servos aliron elevator rudder throttle (pitch)so I trying useing them with that jczk380a board and no go I’m not very good on setting up but kinda no what to do I just thought there might be a easier way to set up my heily on mission planner.for example servo names how arm it and to use my spekturm 9chamnel tx in mode 2 as I could not find on mission planner how to make my tx in mode2??if u or any other people who no how to change modes please point me or send screen shots how to many thanks rich :+1:

@Heliyrich I suggest you watch the videos and read the wiki’s for setting up a helicopter with arducopter. They are all on the Traditional Helicopter link provided by @sweep. I would also urge you to use QGround control rather than mission planner to do your setup. The menu for Heli’s in mission planner is broke. The one in QGround Control has been kept up to date with the many changes that we’ve made to improve the software. If you have any questions after you’ve watch the setup video and read through the wiki, don’t hesitate to ask.

Evening bill thank you very much :+1::+1:.I did look up and read all about heily set up amazing :+1:.and I also managed to download load aground control took a while to down load and kept saying error in drivers??and I restarted my laptop and it worked :+1:now I got a problem my it won’t let me update the firmware for my flight controller which is called jczk 380A.i did take screenshots of what it said.and also my board is not updated to the latest firmware version.so I had a look through the set up page I see heil so I clicked on to that​:+1:all my heilys are flybarless.so I use h1(Normal mode)and then it said something about my servos don’t match I think it something a letter H at the beginning of each input.but I did notice on frame type top box says heily bottom box says plus may I ask what that is do I leave that to plus??am I right to say the filght controller I got is no good?? and would u recommend me to get the mini pixhawk system or pixhawk system I saw on banggood with the gprs system :+1:??but what made me smile was that on tx settings I can change modes so I can use mode2 brilliant :+1::+1:.I don’t no how to send u these screen shots?? many thanks heily rich​:+1:

@bnsgeyer.hi buddy can you tell me were I need to download the latest version of Qground control please as I download it and then something happens and says repair so I repair it but nothing happens?? Many thanks Richard

I am not as familiar with the use of QGroundControl. Looks like you can download the latest version at here. You might want to use mission planner to load the latest firmware on your board and then switch to QGroundControl to configure it using its menu.