Heavy lift drone tune parameters

Hey guys I need a help. I´m building a heavy lift quad X. Everything works fine with the little ones but when I move to the giant one, it flips every time I try to take off. I´ve done initial tune parameters but it continues crashing. So the drone has 120kg of total weight and 4 30kv motors with 4 300A ESC in a carbon/aluminium frame and 100v Battery pack.

Hello Glauco,

we need a .bin file before we can give you ANY advice. Did you followed every single recommended configuration step in the correct order?

Thanks for your help, I´ve done everything recommended. the ESC calibration was the only step failed due to a fault in ESCs that does not allow calibration. heres tyhe link for the bin file of the failed test:


If your ESCs are using BDshot600 there is not need to calibrate them.

ESCs are in normal mode. I’m seeing high noise levels in motor compass test. Interference level reaches 575.