Gremsy Pixy U gimbal to a Cube via Telem2 Setup Help?

I am trying to connect a Gremsy Pixy U gimbal to a Cube via Telem2 using the following channels Pitch CH 10, Roll Ch 11, Yaw Ch12 with a Taranis X9D and X8R but I’m having no luck so far.

Could someone please help decoding some the below settings for me?

Is setting Type to ‘Storm32Mavlink’ correct when using Telem2?

Is selecting the ‘SERVOxx’ for Tilt, Roll, Pan correct or is this only when connecting the gimbal to the pins vs Telem2?

Does enabling ‘Stabilise xx’ mean the gimbal gyros signals will come from the Pixhawk instead of the gimbal?

I assume the ‘Input Ch’ selection sets the parameter MNT_RC_IN_xx?

My Mission Planner setting are and ask if they should be changed?








Any help would be appreciated.


Set serial protocol to 2, and check your settings against

Hi James
Thanks for your help and with Protocol set to 2 and MNT_DEFL_MODE set to 3 it works!!
The only question remaining for me is that MNT_DEFL_MODE can be set to either
3 - RC targeting mode or
2 - Mavlink targeting mode or
4 - GPS point mode
What are these modes?
Thanks again!

Rc targeting mode is basically “manual”, steering the gimbal yourself.
Do_Set_ROI is a command that you can use to automatically track a “region of interest” (gps coordinate).

Do_Mount_Control is a command to automatically control the gimbal in a mission (set roll/pitch/yaw etc)



Hi James
Another question if I may?
When is MNT_DEFL_MODE set to either 2 or 4? Something to do with Mission Planning?

Yes, either as part of a mission, or if you have a “companion computer” running DroneKit etc. So, for instance, in a mission you might have different objects of interest in different parts of the mission: you can set up the mission to automatically slew the gimbal to the right place. Or with a companion computer, you might have a fixed wide FOV camera and a computer vision algorithm that feeds coordinates to a gimballed high zoom camera when it detects something interesting. That kind of thing (and many others: cross cueing from a detected RF animal tag to a gimbal, whatever your use case happens to be).



This just turned up in the wiki:



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Hi James
Thanks for the heads up on that one and I will look at the settings. It seems a good gimbal but their documentation is frugal as it only covers some situations and assumes you already have a good background knowledge of Pixhawk procedures and settings.

Hello all,

I am trying to achieve a simiilar setup. So far i am able to control the Gimbal nick via Telem2 port. The only thing I am not able to figure out is how to change/set the gimbal mode. When powered on, the gimbal is by default in lock mode. How to change it to follow mode?


Hi Pavan
Although the Gremsy wiki advises to use a Telem port, the last time I checked you cannot use this method to control the gimbal mode instead use sBus as described here.

You can control pitch, roll and yaw only using a telem (serial) port.
Unless it has been fixed by Gremsy they need to change their documentation as they are posting erroneous information.

@peterbarker ^^ I thought we’d worked with Gremsy on this?

Not sure, has it been fixed?

So I’ve been playing with my Gremsy here in response to this.

First time I’ve powered it on, and there’s all sorts of nasty grinding noises coming from the motors. I’m currently assuming I just need to run the tuning software…

I’m driving the gimbal from SITL using a USB-ttl adapter.

mavlink targetting seems work work as intended.

RC targetting… is a bit strange.

It does respond to RC inputs when commanded into RC targetting mode.

It seems to get confused when you change the targetting values, 'though.

Are people seeing it just not responding to RC input when using MNT_RCIN_*? I am seeing it respond - just in ways which are currently confusing me.

I’m not keen on driving this gimbal too much while it’s making these horrid sounds. Better work out how to run the tuning software…

Anyone have Pixy U control working via serial? Specifically RC targeting. Gremsy Docs say Mavlink 1, Ardu Docs say 2. Need to control Tilt via serial, but nothing is working for me. Need Sbus 1 from Herelink for basic flight control, and Sbus 2 for Flir functions. Was hoping to use telem2 for pan/tilt control.

I’m having issues with this. Has this been resolved?

Has this been resolved? I’m having issues and the gimbal is useless so far.

Lots of people use serial control using Telem2 on ArduCopter 4.0.7.
I will test this in two weeks myself and I can let you know if it works.

I’m using Mavlink and am able to control the Pixy U with RC Targeting.

The problem is that Follow Mode doesn’t work although the LED is solid blue.

Gremsy has not provided a solution.