Geofence breach RTL after landing = crash

So I flew myself today, stabilize mode. After landing, I was trying to avoid a safety cone/witches hat (ironically) and taxied out of the geofence while the plane was on the ground, although still moving pretty fast. Of course ArduPlane did a fence breach, auto RTL failsafe and took off again trying to RTL and instead flew straight into a physical fence. It happened so fast I had no time to react. The plane ended up in pieces.

If it was an auto mission, landing would have disabled the fence, but because I wasn’t flying auto, I had FENCE_ENABLE = 1 and therefore crash! But shouldn’t there be a way for this not to happen? I’m trying to figure what parameter I could have said or what I could have done differently and I honestly can’t see it.

This is the log: Dropbox - log_91_2022-3-16-18-16-34 fence crash.bin - Simplify your life

There was a camera on the plane. Here is the video starting at around 6:40.

The code is master as at 15 March 2022. PixHawk1-1m in an E-Flight Twin Otter. Luckily the PixHawk is still ok.