Further information about ArduRover algorithms

Hi, I’ve been working on a Rover project and I’m currently implementing the object avoidance and path planning functions. I’m using a pixhawk 2.4.8 and ArduRover 4.2.3. I was wondering if someone could tell me where can I find further or detailed information about some algorithms and how they work besides the documentation published on the ardupilot website. Even the algorithms themselves. Specifically, the auto mode, simple object avoidance, Bendyruler and Dijkstra’s. Any help would be appreciated

Have a look at the AP YouTube channel, particularly the discussions by Rishabh on object avoidance, and by Dr Hall regarding navigation and EKF implementation.

ArduPilot - YouTube

Beyond that, if you aren’t comfortable diving into the source code, there are many publicly available white papers on EKF and the OA algorithms used, though they won’t necessarily cover specific implementation on the platform.

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