Free Flight Control - Sponsorship of Flying Dreams (Phase 1)

Who am I? What kind of drone do I want to make?
I am a young pilot that loves fpv and fixed wing aircraft. I want to make a fixed wing aircraft. It will be awesome.
What drones have I made before?
I have had a previous fixed wing, and a couple drones. They are some long range drones and a nice airplane.
How can I share the flight control experience with more people?
I will make a youtube video about it and talk about it in discord. I will let everyone know how good it is.

It is a pleasure to invite you to participate in the flight control test event.

I’ll send you a private message link with a $0.01 item (I set $0 and the system reports an error) and submit the order (postage required).

I will confirm the order after receiving it and will ship it as soon as possible.

We are vtol manufacturers
Would love to test your products

I saw your plane and it was very nice.

I’ll send you a private message link with a $0.01 item (I set $0 and the system reports an error) and submit the order (postage required).

I will confirm the order when I receive it and will ship it as soon as possible.

Thank you. I just paid on aliexpress and got a confirmation from yiur store

Okay, thank you for your support.

btw, we recently bought an mfe striver vtol frame from Do u sell them yoursel too?

You can buy directly from the distributor.

thankyou. are you going to ship the autopilot this week? will contain gps?

We can ship this week. The flight control contains GPS and PMU

Thank you for your enthusiastic participation, we have received over 20 applications and we are no longer accepting new applications.

Those who still want to apply for the flight control evaluation can follow us, we still have the second phase of the sponsorship.

Those who have already applied for the flight control can follow the logistics information of the order on aliexpress and look forward to the unboxing pictures you share.

The last 3 days of orders have been sent out, please pay attention to the logistics information.


I’m suffering from one of the Aliexpress store that sells freeman.

they omit the items and sends wrong items. I’m suffering still.

@makeflyeasy Quite the campaign you have going, very admirable! I notice there are no Bdshot firmware’s available for your Flight Controllers. I think many would want to benefit from that.

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Is it compatible with fixed-wing UAVs?

Good day,
im David, im coming from Italy and im building racers drones since 2016, in this period im developing a new light drone… will be an hybrid.
Your fc seems a good and light option for this development. I will be happy test it

Aliexpress once give me refund, but the amount of refund was not matching the actual amount I have to get refunded.

but both store and factory didn’t give me sufficient compensation.

I’m suffering from business loss of this delay.

I tried to leave review on the items after refund process is finished,

but I can’t leave review now because it is too late for review.

I’m interested.

  1. I’m a Spanish FPV enthusiast. I want to make a 3D printed FPV airplane.
  2. I’ve made foam FPV airplanes such as the Talon Pro and I’ve built an Apex 5 inch quad in the past.
  3. I have an Instagram account on where I post stories every now and then about my drones and flight controllers.

Why are you posting this here?