Flywoo GN 745 nano compass issues

I’ve had parts laying around to build a Flywoo Explorer lr 4" for a while. I picked up the Flywoo GN 745 flight controller and a BN-880 GPS with dual compass. I was able to get the BN-880 soldered on to the flight controller. I connected the GPS and my radio as outlined on this page and have read through this post as well as this one. When I powered up the flight controller I saw input from my radio and was able to aquire some satelites. However the compass didn’t seem to work. What steps do I need to take to figure out if I have connected it correctly or if this setup should even work?

Additionally I’d like to figure out how to connect the VTX (a flywoo hm600) in a way to be able to change the channels and output power via my transmitter or mission planner.

Any input or suggestions would be appreciated!

Have a good day

Even though they are in the same module, the compass is a separate sensor to the GPS and is connected through the i2c (SDA and SCL) pins. Did you also connect those?

@Cam3n thanks for the response. I did connect them to the sda and scl pins (the two square pads on the right side nearest the rear mounting hole).

Ok good and, unlike the rx and tx pads, the SCL should go to the SCL and SCA to the SCA. After that, ardupilot should auto detect the compas.

That’s the issue though that it’s not seeing the compass. Would the next step be to reverse the scl and sda lines to see if I misread the info off the data sheet?