Fly inside Pipe with Rangefinder

Hello Guys !

I would like to build a 2.5" Quadcopter to fly inside a pipe.
To do that I will used small TOF to prevent quadcopter hit the walls.
The flight controller is a GOKU F745 AIO

To achieve this, I have some questions.
1° Can I used VL6180X ? It seem similar to ST VL53L0X / VL53L1X Lidar

2° Can I used 6 rangefinder with IIC to save uarts ? (how to setup RNGFND1_ADDR ?)
3° Does rangefinders kept same distance between wall ?

It’s new for me, thank you for your help ! Gerry


I made a multi-lidar called POC a few years ago.

Problem is that standard avoidance is limited to 1M minimum so the pipe minimum size would have to be 2M. Other issue You may encounter is highly turbulent air in a pipe would make the accurate control of flight nearly impossible