Fighter VTOL 4+1 fixed wing

Hi @makeflyeasy team and Mr @Greg Covey
I just build the fighter vtol 4+1 with PNP with Orange cube + kore board.
After fly test 2 times the 1 motor can not running so i find 1 esc have issue.
May give me the advance the ESC.1 maiden

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@LuuHB Thank you for your feedback, I have seen the picture, it is a problem with the quality of ESC products. We will give you a free replacement, and we apologize for the inconvenience caused to you. You can send me the email of the contact information of the receipt, and our customer service will deal with it as soon as possible. my mail address is


Thanks your support.

Banggood USA warehouse has a nice sale on the Fighter VTOL until July 11th. $500 plus $3 shipping!

Hi Greg,
thanks for the tip. Also on special offer at Banggoods European Union Warehouse ( € 423 including tax and shipping). I could not resist :smile: should be here within a week.


Very nice, Rolf, welcome aboard! :grinning:

Banggood only shows you your own country and China. I didn’t even realize that they had stock in the EU warehouse. Good deal!

Do you have a link to that?



MFE Fighter 2430mm Wingspan Compound Wing EPO VTOL

Hi Rolf, nothing from France on my side. You have a link to share ?

Hi Pascal,

There are no more in stock in CZ (E.U.). The page then links to the US page, but from there they do not ship to E.U. countries.

My MFE Fighter VTOL can provide multiple functions using the GoPro Hero 7 tilt-gimbal from Search & Rescue to Agricultural mapping. The large battery capability combined with the ability to hover or fly allows the Fighter VTOL to cover large areas. The 4+1 quadcopter design offers stabile control in wind using the latest Ardupilot firmware and features.


I’ve missed a lot of action in here while attending to other job duties!

I am currently buried in wiring harnesses but have mostly everything complete and hoping for a hover test flight tomorrow, weather permitting.


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Hi Everyone - very interesting discussion…

I’m just wondering if someone could let me know what the diameter of the round carbon tube portions of the VTOL arms are on the Fighter?



Hi Jeff,

It’s 25mm diameter.

Welcome to the VTOL Plane forum! :grinning:

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Thanks Greg,

I’m just about to go down this rabbit hole of VTOL 4+1, probably starting with a Ranger Ex or Skywalker X8 or FX-79 or Believer conversion and then perhaps a build of something like the fighter…but right now am absorbing all of the collective wisdom to be found on this and other forums here…It’s such a great community!



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I was planning a Believer conversion myself and then I discovered @makeflyeasy sold a tilt motor version of the Believer called the Freeman. It would likely be easier to use the Freeman as a starting point rather than starting with a Believer. Here’s a link to the Freeman thread.

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Thanks Duane, I’ll definitely check that out too.

I’m sure you’ll see me actively turn up on one of these threads when I start building - there will be questions no doubt…but for now it will be lurking and reading…

@JayDimarzio Tilt rotors can be trickier since you need to optimize the motor and prop combo to work for vertical (in combination with rear motors) and forward flight. You also have another possible point of failure with the tilt servos.

The 4+1 is a more reliable setup than a tilt rotor, imho.


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3DXR is an agent in Europe, here is the link:

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3DXR is an agent in Europe