Fighter VTOL 4+1 fixed wing

The fighter is a 10kg fixed-wing flight platform (hand parachute/VTOL), which is easy to carry,friendly to operate,stable and durable.The fighter is positioned as a heavy-duty,long-endurance fixed wing,which greatly reduces the difficulty of aerial survey,further liberates productivity and improves the efficiency of aerial survey.


The modular design concept makes the aircraft easy and fast to assemble.The wings,folding arms and tail fins can be easily dismantled, making the aircraft practical and portable and user-friendly.The open flight control cabin is compatible with Pixhawk flight control and supports mounting of Sony A7R2 4200W pixel full-frame camera /1.5kg lightweight lidar. The maximum support is 12s@22000mah lithium polymer battery,which can achieve ultra-long range and high-quality shooting effect


Using proper control point cooperatively,the final mapping would satisfy 1:1000 and 1:2000 aerial survey standard,which realized a wide-ranging application such as geography surveys,farmland,forestry land and grassland protection,power line inspection,environment protection,water conservancy and etc


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Mr. Chang,

Thank you for posting information on the new MFE Fighter VTOL. An interesting comparison is the 4+1 quadplane/fixed wing setup of the Fighter versus the tilt-rotor quadplane setup of the Freeman. There has been a good comparison between the non-VTOL Believer and other long distance FPV/Survey planes that suggest the Believer is most efficient.

Has there been any comparison testing between the Freeman VTOL and the Fighter VTOL for performance or efficiency? Also, have you come to any conclusions on VTOL 4+1 versus tilt-rotor setups?


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I agree with you. To me 4+1 theoretically (I have yet to test mine) is a more robust design to handle various wind situations as well as precision landing.

A comparative analysis will be very useful if one is out there.

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How do I switch to English version on your web site?

There is no English version so use the Makeflyeasy Store on AliExpress or Google Translate in Chrome.

Thanks Greg. Can you check my new post

I am all about bench testing things.


You are quite right. In the same situation, conventional fixed wings have higher flight efficiency than VTOL fixed wings.

The Fighter VTOL has a larger wingspan than the Freeman VTOL, supports a larger take-off weight, can hold more batteries, and supports a 20-inch propeller.

Both the VTOL4+1 and the tilt-rotor are good designs. Under the same conditions, their flight efficiency is designed to be close to each other, satisfying different types of flying enthusiasts.

Personally, I prefer 4+1 VTOL. The main reason is that it is easy to operate and has a low failure rate, which greatly reduces the threshold of flight. Hobbyists from different industries can use it to improve the efficiency of production in different fields, such as agricultural inspection, surveying and mapping, archaeology, mine exploration and so on.Very happy that our work can make the world a little better.


Sorry, we don’t have the English version yet.

No problem thanks. I ordered your camera foam as a starter.

What is your experience with belly laying cameras with no gimbal stabilization?

Do you have sample stitched photos of any Aerial photography . I am curious.

If you need to record video, you’d better have gimbal to increase stability.The main application in the mapping is to take photos, shutter 1/1000s, and the Angle of RLL and pitch is best within 3 degrees.You can apply for the trial version of PIX4D software, which is an easy-to-use image data processing software with powerful functions. The software has its own materials, which are convenient for you to test and use.

This is the typical mount for mapping. No gimbal, facing straight down, and simply secured by foam or a mount into the foam.

Ok I will give it try. I am assuming the pic stitching tools will compensate for any vibration or turbulence experienced during flight.

The MFE Fighter VTOL looks like the next step in tool-less assembly at the field and in providing glue-less breakdown for maintenance. The power system is designed for 12s LiPo (two 6s LiPos in series) with the benefits of the 4+1 design for single prop flying efficiency. It will make for interesting long-range survey comparisons.

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Greg, are you going to build a Fighter?

me gusta este diseño, esta excelente. señores de makeflyeasy podrian comunicarse conmigo…


12S battery…interesting. Who’s power system are they using? Mauch…

Hi guys,

Welcome to the APM VTOL Plane forum!

Hi Darryl,

I think so but I am still thinking about it. They removed the PNP version from AliExpress (not sure why) so I’m trying to determine if I want to use their power system components or my own. The Fighter is a larger model than the Freeman. It uses 20" props. One nice thing about the 4+1 configuration is that the pitch of the nose prop can be optimized for forward flight without degrading the hover performance. You also don’t need to find the CW and CCW versions of the prop. I like the low profile of the stock quad motors and props.With two 6s batteries in series, it should have an excellent flight duration.

Tomorrow, I plan on testing my Freeman VTOL for the first time. It seems ready to go so we will see soon.

> “I like this design, it is excellent. gentlemen of makeflyeasy could contact me”


You can e-mail Mr. Chang at makeflyeasy

Puede enviar un correo electrĂłnico al Sr. Chang a makeflyeasy makeflyeasy


That would be my guess too. It would also be my choice.

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Need more details on this plane. Would like to see the build manual.

MakeFlyEasy has one on their website, but it’s in Chinese.

User manual for fighter