FC and ESC all in one supported by Arducopter

I was wondering if there is any board flight controller + ESC board supported by Arducopter?

I found a few boards here that use the same components as the other APM supported boards.
Amazon.com: iFlight Beast F7 45A / H7 55A 2-6S BLHeli-S AIO Board (MPU6000) Flight Controller Micro USB 5V 2.5A BEC for DIY RC Drone (45A): Toys & Games
BETAFPV F4 2-4S 12A V2 BLHeli_S AIO Brushless Flight Controller (getfpv.com)
JHEMCU GHF420AIO 35A BLHELI_S 2-6S AIO Whoop Flight Controller (getfpv.com)


APM is an old piece of hardware. I suppose you mean Ardupilot. Support for the iFlight H7 beast is in the works. The hwdef file exists now.

Ya I meant to say ArduCopter :slight_smile: There’s iFlight F7 board as well (https://shop.iflight-rc.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=1377), I’m guessing that should work. Would anyone be willing to help me on how to make a hwdef or test it out?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Sure but for $20 more you have an H7.

I’ve done the port to the Beast H7, I will be doing the Beast F7 shortly

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Interesting that BDshot only on 2 outputs. I suppose this is what you were getting at in the other post. I think I’ll pick one of these up anyway as the Sub250g build stuff is getting hotter here!

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Lovely, thanks a lot for all your work :slight_smile:

Actually doesn’t work on any - the issue is BLHeli_S timing. When I get a stand-alone BLHeli_S ESC I’ll dig a bit deeper

In lieu of that would FFT referenced notch be the next best choice?

Yes - that’s what I am using (until I smoked the motors)

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Have you gotten RPM filtering to work on this board?

I know the latest BLheli_s supports bidirectional dshot and JESC firmware.

I’ve ported both the F7 and H7 boards now, but not made much progress on ESC based RPM filtering (we already support FFT based RPM filtering on these boards). I am running into some issues however which I am trying to diagnose, it seems the presence of NeoPixel on these boards causes some problems in AP.

So RPM filtering works on the F7, the H7 is proving more tricky - it works on two channels but not the other two channels.

Hey @andyp1per whats RPM filtering
IS that the notch filter and stuff. Never heard this term before.

Yes - its what BetaFlight calls it

ah…thanks Andy and Happy New year…even if I am a bit late saying it. lol

But no external I2C, so no compass?

Unfortunately, no.

More words

I was ready to order one for a sub 250g build until I saw that. Matek H743-Mini and a 20x20 4in1 will have to do.

Hey Dave. Do these small boards work ok and are they easy to setup. I need to find a small form factor for a small build. Ya I know small build me…right. It’s true a small build.
But I have no idea what to get.