Eclipson E-VTOL, 3D printable dual motor tailsitter

Hi @losawing , thank you so much for looking into this and very precious advices!

Yes, thanks to your help and other veterans help, it is flying much better, getting more confident to fly under windy condition. I am already printing and building, will be flying soon. It will be 11th build and always new. :slight_smile:

Larger prop is interesting. Yes plane should have enough gap to fit 10 inch. I may have that in my stock, or have other 10 inches a lot for sure. Did not have chance to try non Slowfly prop, should try higher pitch prop as SF prop does not work well as a plane.

Thank you for looking into the incident as well. Looking at related in detail, Roll, Yaw axis was saturated (PIQR.Limit = 1). Yes, it does not look like RC input is causing this.
I will fix q_tailsit_rll_mx, and try similar maneuver at altitude.

Had a chance to run VTOL Quicktune lua script, successfully.
It finished tuning in less than 2 minutes with good result.
Plane is config #3, Matek H743 Wing FC, fast KST DS215MG V3.0 servo. I took so long time to tune this. This script saves 10s of tuning flights, so happy. This plane was already manually tuned to certain level, so tune from default may take longer time but impressed it dealt with this fast servo well.
Video shows log messages to see the progress. Tuning progress message with parameter value, slew rate is displayed. When I tried the script on SITL with modified CAT tailsitter (I made it heavier), it lost attitude at yaw tuning, but this flight was eventless, no visible attitude change.
Log of this flight

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Hey! I’m just coming back to all this after some major life events happened this past year. How’s the plane flying? Any major updates in the last few months?

Hi good to see you here again! The E VTOL is flying great.
Have not posted this here yet. This build #11 with 2M PixRacer FC. It is stable after limiting q_tailsit_rll_mx to 40. This video contains 2 hops. 1st with maneuvers in QHOVER, then transitions in next hop.
Log of this flight is here
Fun to fly, but FC lacks memory to run LUA. Should focus on H7 FCs.
My mistake I printed this wing with gray color LW PLA, which collects sunlight heat. Need extreme caution in this season. (10 minutes direct sunlight, wing surface deforms…) I rebuilt 2M FC one as no dihedral layout and tuning as build #12. 10 inch prop next.


hi Satoru,
Now you have got a very stable flight, are you able to indentify why ?

Thank you!

Your advice helped a lot to limit q_tailsit_rll_mx to 40, it can fly at high lean angle at q_angle_max = 8000 without issue. Need caution to control not to sideslip.
I set same parameter to other config build (Matek H743 Wing, fast KST-DS215MG servo one) and it also flew stable as you see the video.
For smoother transition, I set lim_pitch_max to 60, pull up manually a lot before transition to hover. To transition to FBWA, lean pitch down a lot before kicking transition. This plane is stable at high angle of attack and it helps a lot.

Unfortunately elevon horn was broken at the end and ended up with a dramatic crash… Building another now. Q_A_RAT_PIT_P is still high and can see elevon vibration, needed to adjust after quick tune.

Here is log of this flight