Dshot 150 - Bootup problem!

Pixhawk 2.1 Cube
Arducopter 3.6 rc12
Using Dshot 150
ESC Rev. 32.6

On bootup some of the ESC 10/1 dosen’t boot into Dshot state.
If i open blheli suite i can see that one or more ESC are in Multishot state.
And if i try to take off it of course flips over.

The telem. also isn’t coming from the ESC.

How to fix it if i see that one of the esc isn’t boot correctly i reboot software way and everything is everytime alright.

Param Esc_TEL

you will have to set the BLH_mask to binary 1111 this is deciamal 15, mission planner does not yet support esc telem you will have too look in the logs for the ESC messages or on your OSD if you have one

So if i put BLH_mask to 15 the output motor values are 5,6,7,8
If i leave it to 0 it is 1,2,3,4 but i get random multishot and dshot state.

Most times if i reconnect the multishot booted esc to FC or repower main power to the esc it works.

Esc are connected to AUX OUT 1234

ah Aux out, I missed that you were using a cube, I assumed you were using outputs 1-4. Aux out is 9-13 so would be binary 1111 0000 0000 giving 3840

Still even if i change BLH mask it doesn’t change boot up problem.

It seems that cube is waking up sooner than ESC do.
So it trys to conf esc to Dshot150 but fails on some esc most of the time.